August 25, 2010

Weekend in Ottawa

Too bad the weather wasn't co-operating with us this weekend.  No boating, no swimming, but we did do a little hot tubbing!  We were visiting my brother and his family this weekend.  It was wonderful!  I got to watch my 8 year old nephew in a soccer tournament.  He is just a spitting image (personality and athletic ability) of my brother!  He is awesome!  He's a fast little dickens and he's aggressive, he goes for it!  Of course it was a cold drizzle the whole time we were at soccer.  Great!

I can't believe how much my niece has grown up.  She's now 6 and she is still just the cutest peanut.  She wanted me to put makeup on her, brush her hair, do all the girlie things a 6 year old girl loves.  It's great, because I tell you Taylor hasn't been like this before.  She used to scream and yell at you if you called her cute.  She refused to wear most of her clothes.  Oh my she really loved to test her power when she was 3-5 years old!

I haven't been to my brother's house since Christmas, and we hadn't been there in the summer in the last 2 summers.  So it was great.  My brother built his own house, and he keeps doing these small fine finishing details and the house looks great.  My brother and my Dad are super handy men.  My brother is actually in the final stages of apprenticing to be an electrician.   (This is the same brother who played European Pro Hockey).  My Dad also built his own house.  The only thing that either of them didn't do was the foundation.  Everything is with their blood, sweat, and tears.  We were fortunate enough to help my parents a bit on their house.  And JD went and stayed with T (brother) for a week to help him with the house.  But because of our business' and where we live we couldn't help as much as we wanted to.

I really think JD was born into the wrong family.  He loves all the construction stuff that we do, but he wasn't raised doing these types of projects.  He's learning everything he can from my family.  And he loves it.  He's always happiest when we have a project on the go.  And I'll be honest with you.  I love a project.  I get up early and am just so excited to dig in and get it done.  And there is tremendous pride that comes with looking at a new room, new fence, hardwood floors and knowing that you did it.

Well this is my weekend.  I'm now suffering from a head cold or sinus infection, surprise, surprise!  So I'm off to drink some vitamin water and load up on   

Much Love!


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