September 3, 2010

The Cycle Begins....

I did my Lup.ron shot this morning.  No Problem!  JD and I were running very late today, so we really had to figure it out and get the shot done and get in the car to speed our butts to work.  I thought I set the alarm last night, but apparently not!  Now I'm sitting here with greasy hair in a ponytail, feeling like I really want to go home and have a shower!  Oh well!

We were out a bit late last night.  JD's Uncle and Aunt are here visiting from England.  Uncle P is the one who married JD and I.  We really love Uncle P and Aunt C.  We haven't seen them in about 5 years, so it was really nice to go and have dinner and a visit with them last night.  Everyone is headed off to Cape Cod this morning for 1 week vacation.  They are driving straight into Hurr.icane Ea.rl!  Apparently it didn't hit North Carolina as badly as was expected, so maybe it won't be too bad.

We played with the twins (of course) while we were there for dinner.  OMG!  I just love those boys!  They are just getting funnier and funnier.  Last night they wanted to dance.  We threw on the Dirty Dancing CD and we all boogied like no tomorrow with them.  The were giggling and screeching their delight at our silliness!  At one point Sam ran up to me threw his arms around my hips and kissed my tummy, then ran away.  My SIL just looks at me and goes "Did I just see that?"  I said yup!  She says "Oh my he loves you so much!" 

Sigh!  They make my heart swell!  Nothing beats the unconditional love my nephews shower me with.  I'm so very lucky that they do love me and enjoy me playing with them.  Being little boys I probably won't be their favorite for very long, but I'll eat it up as long as I can! 

I'm off for now.  I'm very busy at work this weekend.  I'll update more on my cycle when we get into it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Labour Day weekend!

Much Love,


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Mad Hatter said...

Wishing you all the best for this cycle, sounds like you have a way with kids - your future ones will be so lucky to have you!