July 9, 2009

Where are my Results???

Okay, I am starting to get a little bit anxious! Today marks 3 weeks since my PAP test. Why are my results not back yet? They had put a rush on them. This is driving me absolutely crazy. Especially since I have had bad PAP's before. I've done this dance before, and I do not want to go through it again. The Dr's had given me the all clear I could start waiting 3 years in between getting them... Well... Where are my results??? Are they running them 2x? Have they been lost? WTF!!!
This is the main reason we waiting so long to start trying... I was so afraid the cancer would come back that I didn't want to leave my husband widowed with babies to look after. I know stupid to think of the worst case scenario, but when you get dx with Ovarian Cancer at 20, you tend to have these thoughts... Thank God we found it when we did, as I didn't have to do any chemo, just surgery to remove the bad cells. If we didn't get them all they were going to remove the top of my cervix and proceed with drug protocols. I have had a few bad tests since then, but they always tested again 6 months later and everything would be fine. I really hope everything is fine this time. I do not want anything holding up this cycle... Fingers crossed! I am going to call the nurse tomorrow if they don't call today with my results.

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