July 3, 2009

June Reading Material

June was a busy month for me... I burned through 7 books this past month.
  1. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
  2. Shopaholic Ties the Knot
  3. Shopaholic and Sister
  4. Shopaholic and Baby
  5. Undomestic Goddess
  6. 4 Blonds
  7. Gucci Gucci Co

My girlfriend lent them to me in hopes they would keep me busy for the summer. Ummm nope! Just a month! I think my favorite was Gucci Gucci Co. It was just an interesting story, and I liked all the main characters in the book. Not so much for Shopaholic series! They were alright. But for some reason I really didn't like the main character. It kind of drove me nuts how she constantly was getting herself into trouble (financial or whatever) and it just always seems to work itself out. I know it's just a story... I think I'll like the movie though because I really like the actress that is playing the lead. We'll see!!!

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