July 11, 2009


Well they are in...finally! All clear! Now I need to scan the results and send them to my coordinator and my local RE.
Shopper's called my meds are ready for pick up. JD and I will get those today after work. I am hoping to take a picture of everything and post it. Just to properly document the journey!
The donor coordinator contacted us yesterday to advise us the donor is ready to cycle. She has a Dr. appointment next week. So we should be waiting for further instructions.
I don't know what to anticipate at this point. Since this is my first IVF (ever)... I really am kind of stumbling my way through it. I'm not too excited yet as they could say lets do 1 more month of bcp's... I don't know?!?!
Well I'm off this afternoon to spend sometime with 'the boys' (nephews)... I promise I will post pics soon of all the important people in my life... I just need to get a little bit more organized. And I've really got to figure out our camera. I am honestly one of the most UN-technological people around... I still don't really understand IPOD's... Yup! Laugh it up!!!

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Hope C said...

So glad things are moving along for your cycle. Lots of luck!!