July 13, 2009


I'm a firm believer that if you don't know a lot about a topic then you shouldn't voice your opinion. Especially if your going to make insensitive, ignorant, un-caring comments!!! I'm sure if you watched the news in the past week you are aware that scientists have found a way to clone sperm! A possible huge breakthrough in ART when discussing MFI! Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who don't understand why this would be beneficial, and don't really understand Assisted Reproduction. They hear cloning and they immediately think in 20 years everyone will be genetically manipulated!!! Everyone 6 ft, 190, blond blue eyed, etc...

So here's what happened... I'm at my SIL house Sunday, and my BIL's parents are there for a visit as well. We are sitting in the family room when BIL's step father says so what do you think about this cloning sperm crap? Before I can answer her goes off on a tangent saying "next thing you know I can go to the mall food court and choose, McDonald's, Burger King or Sperms R Us!!!" Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! (that's me mimicking his laugh) It's at this point JD and his sister decide to leave the room... WHAT!!?? I'm sitting here thinking to myself, seriously you are leaving me to hear this crap!!! I sat there silently biting my tongue for as long as I could... Oh I really tried not to say anything... But... I couldn't help it, I couldn't stand it any longer... I said okay so your saying that a young man who's got a low sperm count shouldn't have the option of having his stuff cloned and frozen for future use? Or what about young men who are diagnosed with cancer? I said a quick piece and tried to end the conversation... Not so lucky!

It's not like they don't know what JD and are going through. My BIL has told his parents. God do I wish he hadn't!!! The worst was when he started spouting off about how our donor has rights to come back after the fact to take any future children we may have because she is the Biological mother!!! Oh yah! It was awesome!!! It was then my SIL and JD finally came back into the room and I quickly exited!

Seriously if you do not have first hand knowledge of infertility and it's treatments. Then maybe you should keep your mouth shut!

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