July 17, 2009

Schedule Recieved!!!

We finally got our schedule! Woot! Woot! We got it on Wednesday, of course right at the end of a 12 hour work day. I kind of needed that pick me up. But it didn't really hit me until the next morning. Anyway here's the plan... Stop bcp's immediately, get Lupron Depot shot, wait for AF, u/s on Day 2, then await further instructions to start the estrogen patch. Estimated retrieval date for the donor is August 11, and estimated transfer date to me is August 16.
We are travelling quite a distance for all of this... So nothing is really set in stone until the e-tickets arrive from the donor coordinator.

Now I have a busy weekend ahead of me. My parents are going away for a month and this is my last weekend to go see them, so JD, me, and our 3 fur babies are driving for 3 1/2 hours after work to spend the weekend with them. When there I'm hoping to pop to the States to go shopping for a bathing suit and a portable dvd player. We'll see what we find!!!! To anyone that reads my ramblings, have a good weekend!

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Betty Rubble said...

Good luck with the plan!

Thanks for the laugh...my commenters love the Dough Boy joke!