July 21, 2009

Well...It's not just us...

Well everyone was wrong! My brother and his girlfriend are not expecting. They were actually just going through the testing to make sure everything was fine. But no things are not fine. My brother's SA did not come back good. 25% motility, 25% mobility! We think this is from his blood pressure medication. He's been on like the max dose for 25 years, as his blood pressure is really bad. It's from kidney damage when he was 14. We almost lost him. And of course the medication he is on warns that it can cause sterility, but none of the other meds controlled his pressure.
JD and I went to see them Friday night. And he is hurting!

It was good though that JD was there. He's really good with my brother, and we've been through this as well. At the beginning they thought it was JD that was causing us trouble. His count was low, low normal, but low. So we changed his diet, stopped smoking, limited alcohol, cut out caffeine, started taking folic acid, and moved into boxer shorts. (He hates them!) LOL!!! And low behold his numbers were way better when we did our IUI.

I just can't believe though that 2 out of 3 of us is infertile. It's shocking and sad. I love my brother to bits and he would make the most fantastic father. I really hope that he doesn't give up.

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