July 27, 2009

Vacation has Started!

Today was my last day at the office for 3 yes 3 weeks! Woot! Woot! JD and I had discussed me taking a week off before and after our Donor cycle. And now it is all actually happening! The count down is on! I go for my follow up u/s on Wednesday, and I believe my donor does as well. So I should have our itinerary and our travel arrangements by Thursday this week! Very exciting stuff!

JD had a biopsy last week on his tongue, he had white spots on the sides that we (the dentist and us) had tried to take care of for the last 2 months, but they weren't going away. So off to an ortho surgeon we went. Unfortunately JD isn't recovering as quick as we would like from the biopsy on his tongue. He called the clinic today and the Dr. confirmed it was a large piece he took out so he's not really surprised it's still bugging him 4 days after! Neither the dentist or the ortho surgeon believe it is anything to worry about as it doesn't have the cancer characteristics, but it still makes us nervous. JD tried to get out of the biopsy because the results from it will be coming in the same time as the results from our cycle. But that's how life works doesn't it! Everything happens at once, good or bad!

Next update - Wednesday ultrasound and blood work!!!

Thanks for your comments they did help bring my spirits up. And I really am trying to be optimistic and keep the negative thoughts our of my head! Thanks again it means a lot to me!

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Catherine said...

Hi KS,
Best wishes on your cycle. Just reading your blog for first time and seeing how long it took to get a diagnosis! POF is relatively simple to figure out. Docs still aren't educated on this!
Take good care,