July 29, 2009

My Body SUCKS!!!

Today was my lining check. That sucked! My lining hasn't really moved. I was 3.5 on Day 2 now Day 10 I'm 4.5... Dosage has been upped to include Estrace (orally) 4 mg 2x daily. Not bad until...tonight... Now I am having a full AF! WTF! What does this do to the cycle? 2 periods in 10 days! Only me! I can't even thicken up properly for a cycle. For crying out loud!!!

I'm just going to have to wait to see what the Re's have to say tomorrow when they find out. There's nothing I can do (obviously)! No amount of tears is going to make it stop or convince my body to co-operate. What confuses me is that my blood work was good today, it showed I was suppressed, so then why an AF now??? I don't get it!

Hopefully tomorrow my cycle will still be on. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have some answers!

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