May 28, 2009


We've had a lot going on this week. One of the biggest things I haven't written about yet is our little nephew! He has a form of brittle bone in only one bone. His front calf has lesions in the bone that make it very fragile. He was born with his leg broken in 3 areas. He had surgery to have a rod put in with pins, and they did a scrape on his hip and re-packed the lesions in the calf to try to have the good cells take over the bad... It worked except the pins in his little ankle didn't take. So he is 22 months old and has juts had his 2nd surgery. We were at Sick Kids on Tuesday and Wednesday keeping mom company and trying to make the little 'nut' smile. He handled it like the little champ that he is.

My SIL though unfortunately got too run down because he wasn't sleeping, and has ended up pretty ill herself. Our BIL was able to convince the nurses and Dr's last night to release the 'nut' as my SIL was so sick she couldn't care for him there. They did release him, he is home now, and mom is doing better today. The 'nut' is still not eating and sleeping wonderfully, but all in all I would say he is doing pretty well! We love the 'nut' and his twin brother 'monkey' more than words can really say. We are so lucky to have them live close by so that we can be there while they are young, and get all the hugs and kisses we can while they will give them to us! So this has been our week! Always ups and downs... Never a dull moment!

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Hope C said...

So sorry about what your nephew is going through, glad he's doing well and hope SIL gets well quickly!