May 29, 2009

Book Nerd! That's me!

I absolutely love to read. I will read almost anything. I think I just set my record though. I was given the Twilight series for my birthday on May 16. I actually started reading the first book on the 18th and I just finished the last one last night! Okay I'm obsessive. I really enjoyed the series and I'm kind of sad that I burned through it so quickly.
I do have another series waiting in the wings, but it just doesn't seem to be grabbing my attention the way Twilight did! I've got the Shopaholic series waiting... I started it last night and only got a couple of pages into it. It seems cute, but I think right now I need a little more fantasy.
I think that might be why I read sooo much. It's an escape from my real life. I can let my imagination take me to a different place. Last summer I read the Outlander series. What a great series that was! I actually was contemplating re-reading them this summer, until my SIL gave me Twilight... Now I think I need to head back to Chap.ters and seek out a new, long series to get me through the next couple of months.
In case anyone checking out my blog is looking for any book are a few of my favorites:
  1. Janet Evanovich (very funny - quick read)
  2. Nora Roberts (fantasy - witches / paranormal)
  3. James Patterson (murder / suspense)
  4. Dean Koontz (paranormal - spooky)
  5. Diana Gabaldon (Outlander series - amazing)
  6. Dan Brown (Deception Point)

Okay I could probably go on...but I do have to say that Janet's books can really take a crappy day and make me laugh. They are super easy reads and I tend to laugh out loud when reading them. I was going to do the 50 books in 365 days, but I knew I'd probably do it anyways, and I really don't want to point out to JD how many books I actually buy! Sorry honey if your reading this! :) I love you!


Hope C said...

I'm a book nerd too.

I'm so obssessed w/ Twilight it's such a great series.

I'm just starting the Outlander series, glad to hear it's good.

Good luck w/ your cycle!

C said...

Love love love Dean Koontz. Intersity is my favorite of his. Oh and...Go team Edward!