September 11, 2014

Funny Day!

Thursday and Friday are my two days off from school and JD's two days off from work.  Well we have all been sick for a week now, so we decided we would run errands today and then spend tomorrow home.  Bright and early this morning we were up and at em!  We took the girls to McD's playhouse for breakfast.  It ended up being a 2 part breakfast.  They ate, then ran (crawled) and played, and then snacked (ate again), and played some more.  No joke we were there for 2 hours!  Lol!  But the girls had a blast and we met another really nice couple there, so we had a nice time too.  Crazy eh?!  Having a great time at McD's!  Lol!  Anywho...from there we head to the mall.  JD needs new jeans and I am determined to find super cure matching dresses for our family photo's next Friday.  Check and check!  Off we race home so everyone can have lunch and a nap. 
Nap success!  Everyone sleeps until 4!  Good and bad!  We have 2 more errands to run and Lucy is so scheduled that she must eat by 5:30!  And cough, cough, someone fell asleep and forgot to take out the meat for dinner!  What to do, what to do?  I looked at JD and I said "Let's hit it!"  And we piled everyone in to the van and headed out.  At this point it is 4:45 and we are about 10 minutes away from being in town.  At this time we have no choice we absolutely have to get to a restaurant to feed the Goose.  We head to the Mandarin.  (I've only ever been to the Mandarin once before so it's not a usual one for us.)  Well let me tell you it was awesome. 
First off they have a Koi pond in the front where you wait to be seated.  The girls loved it.  And here is where the fun began.  So we are all standing there looking into the pond watching all these koi swarming each other.  Lucy and Lola are loving it.  I'm looking at JD who is holding Lucy, smiling, enjoying the moment, when Lucy looks at me with her suk in her mouth and a little smile creeping out of the corners of her mouth.  When she reaches up, pops her suk into her hand (still staring at me smiling), stretches out her little chubby arm with her suk balanced on her palm and turns her hand and drops her suk right into the pond, and giggles UhOh!!!!  JD and I are both looking at each other mouths wide open, as we both click and look over at the koi, they are attacking the suk with all their might!  And POOF it's gone!  Again JD and I look at each other (like well what do we do now?) when we hear Waaaaaaaahhhh!  And Lola is bawling!  The fishy ate Lucy's suk!!!! 
And that was it!  JD and I lost it laughing! 
Well the night just got better and better from there.  Lucy absolutely loves Asian people!  And this is BIG!  Lucy is not the most sociable of babies.  But every time a waiter/waitress came over she smiled and giggled at them!  It was very sweet.  And she loved having a huge variety of things on her plate.  She was just in awww of the décor.  She pointed at the lanterns non stop!  And Lola thought the buffet style was just awesome.  She loved going up and deciding what she ate.  They of course LOVED the desert tables!  Apparently Lucy loves crème Brule.  We will definitely be going back there again. 
From there we had to do a Target run.  We get in the van and haul it as we are really close to bedtime at this point.  As we are driving there I am nervous they are going to fall asleep.  So I turn on frozen.  Well gosh dang it doesn't Lola start reciting it as it plays.  Oh My Gawd!  It was so dang cute!  JD and I were just giggling away in the front.  Neither one of us could stop and grab our phones to record it.  It was precious. 
Today was one of those nothing days you know?  Those days where you just run around and do errands.  But yet it was a fabulous day.  Sure Lucy had a fit for 45 minutes after her nap.  But they are my world.  It was a day I want to remember.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my nothing, funny day!
Much Love!


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J o s e y said...

Awh - you gotta love those days that are just random, awesome fun. What a great memory to have records. :)