September 1, 2014

All Healthy and Relaxed...until...

Da da starts!  Argh!

We have all finally recovered from Hand Foot and Mouth.  And yes I did catch it.  Blisters and all!  Oh boy!  It was AWFUL!!!  We had quite a bit of a scare there with Lucy.  Her temp got up to 104 and we had a heck of a time breaking it.  It was at the 4 hour mark on 1 dose of advil and 1 dose of Tylenol when we finally got through to tele-health.  I administered another large dose of advil and they talked to us for a half hour while I tried to wake her up enough to move around and hope the medication was moving through her system.  Finally it started to come down to 102.5.  Suffice it to say I had very little sleep over an 11 day span.  Which really sucked the big one since I was sick as heck too.  It really is horrible.  I could only get iced coffee smoothies down and keep those down.  Everything else hurt horribly. 

Thankfully we were all healthy by the time our great RV adventure was to begin!  I don't know if I mentioned this on here but we had reserved an RV so we could go and watch my girlfriend do an ironman in Louisville Kentucky!  It was awesome!!!  The girls loved it.  What I wouldn't recommend though is trying to drive 2500 km with a 1 and 3 year old in under a week.  Way too much time driving.  Not enough time swimming, playing, jumping, and roasting marshmallows!  But all in all it was a success. 
*I will write up a full post on the Iron.Man itself on my other blog.  As well as the Run or Dye run I just completed.*
It was our very first vacation with children.  And it was definitely a learning experience.  But one we will definitely repeat.  Maybe not to Louisville though!  Little too far and a little too dang hot!  Lol! 
Today is my last day home as a full time stay at home mom.  Tomorrow I have orientation for school and then Wednesday a full day of classes.  I loaded my schedule.  I go Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-6.  Then I'm off.  I did this as JD still only gets Thursdays and Fridays off, so I wanted to make sure that we still had family time.   However I will be looking after a little girl on Thurs and Fri for a month until her cast comes off.  So my September is going to be very busy.  It's going to be a very big adjustment for all of us. 
Lucy is not yet walking.  I'm very surprised actually.  Considering she started crawling at 8 months I though for sure she'd be walking at a year.  But nope.  She's soooooo close.  I think it's a confidence issue.  Her personality has really blossomed lately.  We very rarely see Lucifer any more!  Thank Gawd!  Lol!  And Lola...well..Lola...  we were very lucky and did not have the terrible twos.  But we do have the Holy Hannah 3's!!!  The sass, OMG the sass!  My mom is definitely getting her revenge.  I'm getting all of my naughty behaviour thrown right back at me!  Lol!  But they are both funny, happy, pretty little girls and I feel so blessed every day that I get to be their mommy! 
I apologize for my lack of pictures, but I am still battling trying to get my phone and my computer to acknowledge each other.  I hate this phone.  But I'm too cheap to take the $700 hit and throw in the towel and buy a new iphone.  So I will wait a bit longer, and keep fighting with it.  And it really is not me...My dad and JD have the same phone and I can hook them both up to my laptop no problem.  Lucky me I just have the lemon Samsung piece of shit that I want to run the fuck over!  (Ummm can you tell I hate my phone!)
And sorry if you are wondering about my other blog...I just realized I never finished joining everything up.  I started a lot of projects this summer and then just got too busy enjoying my last few months home!  Lol!  Anyway it is my running blog.  I want to keep a journal of what training schedules I follow (that work for me), nutrition, race reviews, and my journey to becoming an Iron.Man!  Yes I do have lofty goals for the next 2 years!  Lol! 

Anyway here is the link...  IF 2 Running Mommy

Much Love!


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