August 7, 2014

Hand Foot and Mouth

Or as known in this house!
Holy Fucking Hell!!!!
We came in direct contact with HF&M last Thursday, so I immediately put us on lock down for 4 days, to try to stop spreading it around town.  And on day 4 I thought we might, just might have avoided it...and..BAM!  Lola's temp flies up to 103!  And that is where it has consistently been since.  The blisters came out 2 days ago.  I immediately put corn starch on them and wow!  That is making a huge difference!  I just wish I could do something for the blisters in her throat.  And Lucy...well...Lucy waited until today...and...BAM!  Temp is at 103!  So both girls have it and are off kilter on each other.  We have now been locked in the house for 1 solid week and are looking at another 5 days.  I am praying that I can keep them from passing it back and forth.
The nights have been horrible.  Lola has had us up every 45 minutes for the last 3 nights.  Her throat, the fever, or she is delirious and has the giggles and wants to hug!  Boy oh boy oh boy!
Lucy has actually been miserable for the last 3 days.  But with only low grade fevers until today.  And no blisters yet...I have been soaking them both in an oatmeal bath though.  So I am doing everything I can to try to limit their discomfort.  Eating is the worst.  I'm sharing all this with you all just in case any of your littles get this.
Foods that work for Lola.
  1. cucumbers
  2. watermelon
  3. yogurt (she likes the tubes)
  4. pediasure (apparently it tastes like ice cream!  Lol!)
  5. chicken noodle soup.
Foods that work for Lucy.
  1. strawberries
  2. macaroni noodles with olive oil and parm.
  3. cheesy chicken with rice.
  4. yogurt
  5. sweet potato pie (baby food pouch)
  6. oatmeal
So as you can see, we have been struggling with the food.  I have freezies, Lola won't touch them.  She hates oatmeal.  Popsicles, nope.  Lola is definitely my challenge lately on eating.  And she is so petite that I really don't want her losing too much weight.  I mean Lucy is only 5 lbs behind her sister!
I have a full post about Lucy at 1 year, but I'm delaying posting as I want to get some pictures up for that post as well.  But you know the battle with my Samsung is ongoing!  I swear to Gawd I got a lemon phone!!!  Lol!!!
 To say my running has taken a hit this week is an understatement and yes I know I could run on the treadmill, ut you have to have energy for that.  And let's be honest when you are staring down another 5 days locked in the house getting very little sleep with 2 miserable children, working out is not on your mind.  Now cookies...that is a different story!  Lol!  Okay the girls are napping I'm off for a nap myself!  I feel like I have 2 newborns again!  
Stay Healthy!

Much Love!



S said...

Ugh, how awful. I hope the girls are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hfm sucks. But FYI there is no such thing as passing it back and forth.

J o s e y said...

Oh hon, Stella had HFM last fall and it was truly awful. :( Hang in there hon!

Michelle D said...

We have not experienced this yet and hope that we don't for some time or EVER. I'm sorry you are having such a long and tough week. I will keep these tips in mind though if we ever need them. Hope your little girls get better soon :)