September 20, 2014

4 Weeks In

I am currently starting my fourth week in school.  So far it is a difficult adjustment.  Not the classes (well okay some of them) but the house, kids and husband.  I am going to school full time but I was able to jam all of my classes into just 3 days.  I did this as JD has Thursday and Friday's off, so I wanted to be able to still have family time.  (Hahahahaha!  Sorry I have to laugh at my naivety!)  Now that we are entering into week 4 the work load is picking up and I am trying to find extra hours where I can study or work on assignments.  This past week was probably one of the hardest and eye opening weeks I've had.  I was all set for classes this week until Wednesday hit.  And Wednesday is my hard day.  3 hour computer programming class followed with a 3 hour math class.  Oh boy!  And dangit I was unprepared for math.  So I got knocked down a few pegs this week.  I came home Wednesday very disappointed in myself and full loaded with anxiety.  It doesn't help that I have had zero time to run this week, which also brings down my self confidence.  It is now Saturday and my stomach is only just settling.
The girls are adjusting okay to going to the sitter 3 days a week.  They aren't as happy with the 2 long days but they are taking it like champs.  I seem to have no time to prep meals, which has to change.  This week's meals consisted of a lot of left overs.  I need to utilize my crock pot a lot more and prep meals the night before.  It would make things a whole lot easier if my hubby wasn't just a baby player or at work. 
Not to be a bash my hubby kind of post, but jeez louise!!!  Could he please try to cook a meal?  Or I don't know pick up a vacuum, fold some clothes, etc...  His idea of help is to sit in the other room with the girls and play.  Or take them to his mom's (where she will cook dinner) and play.  There is no doing chores, cleaning, or just general maintenance being done, unless I turn into the nagging bitchy wife.  I HATE IT!!!  I hate that I have to ask for him to prep the girls food for the next day, or cut the grass, or grab the dirty laundry and yet it's supposed to be second nature for me!?  Why?  Argh!!!
So as you can see from this post, I'm frustrated and working my butt off.  I know we will find balance soon.  We have to or else I will explode!  Which might just happen!  Lol!  No!  I'm planning on making a schedule and color coding chores.  This was I won't have to nag, he will see his chores and know he has to do them.  I'm hoping this will make me want to hurt him less at night when he's snoring (I almost broke his nose last night!). 
I have 1 week until my first half marathon.  I think I'm ready.  I'm more nervous than I should be just because I took this last week off from running.  But I'm really hoping to just finish.  And I'm hoping to run the entire thing!  I'll keep you posted on both of these.  We'll see which one succeeds.  My money is on the 1/2!  Lol!

Much Love!
Off to Program!

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J o s e y said...

Ugh, it seems like most men suck at noticing/doing those little things that add up SO QUICKLY. I had a heart to heart with Charlie and said THIS IS WHAT I NEED... and made it very clear and concise. He now does his own laundry (I do mine and the kids) and he loads, washes, and unloads the dishwasher EVERY DAY (wash & night and unload before he leaves for work in the morning). There are other things I'll ask for help with from time to time, but just having the kitchen always clean and dishes put away has taken SO much stress off of me somehow. Maybe try baby steps like that?