April 16, 2014

Seperation Anxiety

Holy Crow!  I didn't experience this so much with Lola.  She was always a very sociable baby.  Not Lucy J.  Oh my goodness!  She literally screams her bloody head off the second I walk away from her.  And forget about leaving her at the child mind at the gym, the poor nutter cries the entire time I'm away.  Even now...I'm typing with one hand as she is on my lap.  Okay there..I'm free.  Her and Lola are playing in our tunnel. 
Even when JD is home, Lucy is glued to me.  It's okay if she crawls away and goes to play with something, but if I get up and walk into the other room and she sees me?  Oh Good God!  She crawls and cries after me.  JD the other day tried to help me out as I was making dinner, and she was in my arms, so he tried to take her out of my arms and she screamed and held on to my neck so tight that I had a 2 inch scratch across my neck. 
I'm at a loss with what to do about it.  I want to attempt a 2 hour visit with Lola's sitter one day (when Lola is there).  But I'm nervous to.  What if she screams bloody murder on Mirella?  She's got 4 other kids there to watch.  And I know when Lucy loses it she becomes inconsolable.  And that is always the time Lola acts up.  WTH do you do when you have 4 other kids there all vying for the attention.  And the child mind at the gym isn't really that happy about having a screaming baby either. 
Any tips ladies? 
I mean it doesn't really help that I have no one who will come and watch her here at the house, in her comfort zone.  crap she found me again...  Sorry I was referring there, to GParents.  JD's dad hadn't seen the girls in 3 months until 3 weeks ago when they got back from vacation.  And I haven't heard one word from them since the night WE went down to see them.  Keep in mind they only live a 1/2 hour away.  They really show no interest in their grand daughters.  Sucks for them, they are missing out.  And I'm not going to chase them to have a relationship with their grand daughters.  Little do they realize they are also affecting our relationship with them.  Their problem not ours.  But it does suck to have no family around.  Sucks to have only friends that work every day.  Argh!  I need a break! 
So anyway...any tips on dealing with this separation anxiety would be mucho appreciated! 
Must dash as the witching hour is approaching fast and I need to get dinner going before I have to hold one child the whole time!
Much Love!


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