April 12, 2014

9 Months Old!

My sweet Lucy J.  You are 9 months old and you are growing and changing in leaps and bounds lately.  We have affectionately nicknamed you Lucifer as you are having a horrible time teething.  But this too shall pass.  However, I do think the nickname is going to stay.  I think there is a little diva devil in you.  You have this mischievous little smile that you give us right before you d o something you know you shouldn't.  Lol!  I love it!  You are so different from your sister in so many ways and so alike in others. 
You weigh 17.04 lbs.  You have a full head of dark blonde hair, it is baby thin though.  But you are already rocking the pony tails!  You have 4 teeth.  2 on the bottom, an eye tooth up top and one front one just poked through 2 nights ago.  We are hoping for your sake that your other front tooth is right behind it and will pop through in the next few days.  If not...your pictures are sure to be funny!  Lol! 
You started crawling almost a month ago.  We were so surprised as Lola didn't crawl until 10 months.  But you were so determined.  You just had to keep up with your sister.  We think you are going to be walking pretty soon as well.  You pull yourself up on everything.  You flop yourself over top of everything.  We've had a few little accidents.  The most notable one happening this week.  You are now sporting a small black bruise on your lip where you put your tooth through it.  Crawling and crying don't mix Lucy J. 
We finally think we have a handle on the acid reflux.  We got new stronger (more expensive) medication last week.  Before we could fill it though we noticed a decline in the puking.  And then I started you on 1/2 the dose advised and you screamed from stomach pains.  We have now dropped your dose to 1/4 the recommended dose and you seem to be doing wonderful.  I have a feeling the acid reflux was on it's way out, so we are just going to continue to 1/4 dose for a week or 2 and then completely wean you off.  My fingers are crossed for you sweet girl. 
Your giggle is infectious.  You love to laugh.  Nap times apparently are the funniest things around.  As it takes me a 1/2 an hour and 3 visits to your room to get you to stay laying down.  And even then you tend to fall asleep sitting up.  You are just a  funny little monkey.  Every time I walk in you flap your arms like a bird and squeal in delight.  It's so hard not to take you out and have a snuggle.  But mommy has to get you to nap or else Lucifer comes to visit! 
Oh my Lucy Lou we love you so very much my love.  Your big sister lights up when you come into the room.  Your dad loves his sweet snuggles.  And me...well I love every minute I have with you.  Even when you bite me (attempt at kisses) or when you rub your snotty nose on my clean clothes.  I couldn't ask for more.  I love my family.  And I love what you have added to our family.  I wouldn't change one minute of my life.  It all led us to this incredible family that we have now. 

Lots of Love Lucy Lou.  I love you to the moon and back baby.

Your Mommy

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Michelle D said...

So cute. Great post and great update. Glad to hear Lucy is doing well and you're surviving round two with teething. Precious girl and memories for you all.