April 23, 2014

LifeStyle Change - Update

So Okay I kind of fell off the side of the planet there for awhile.  But that happens!  :)
I'm going to be brutally honest.  The lifestyle change is still going on.  I'm just not as strict as I would like to be.  I took 19 days off from working out / running!  Ouch!  First it was a pinched nerve then a head cold, then fear of being off track too long.  I was still eating right, when not ill, but I wasn't toning.  And that stinks!  So the weight loss isn't as great as it could be.  It's good, but I want to incorporate a well balanced lifestyle of nutrition and training. 
But let's be real.  With 2 small very demanding children, 2 dogs and a husband that works 13 hour days, it is very challenging to get out and get at 'er!  No excuses!  I was putting myself last.  And I was stressing out way too much about it all.  I had to forgive myself and decrease my expectations of myself at this time. 
I talked to my nutritionist and I am doing mainly maintenance nutrition now and email counseling with 1 office visit per week.  It works much better for me to incorporate my work outs back into my lifestyle.  That was the stitch that was causing too much stress.  I only have about 1.5 hours of time at a 2 points in the day to get things done with the girls.  And it was always either run, workout, or go to the nutritionist.  And let's not forget the laundry, cooking, prepping, washing etc... that has to get done.  Something had to give. 
On Saturday it was finally decent enough out to take out the double runner.  I only did 3 kms and it was very slow.  It was an 8:45 / 1 km.  Like I said really slow.  But that is including my 5 minutes of walking to warm up.  I was sucking wind hard in the first 10 minutes, but by the end half I felt good.  Later I realized I ran with 2 flat tires on the stroller with 2 little girls in it.  Phew!  That's why it hurt so much.  And I've hit one yoga class so far this week.  Tomorrow I'm planning a spin class and another yoga.  Or running and yoga.  Plus I'm going to go into the nutritionist tomorrow as well.  So busy busy.  But thankfully JD is home tomorrow so I have help!
But here are the stats...
Starting Weight : 153 lbs.  (January 2, 2014)
Current Weight :  135 lbs.  (April 23, 2014)
I've gone from a 28 BMI to a 24.7 BMI.
I actually put on one of my skinnier pair of jeans the last 3 days.  This feels good, I was wearing them when I was 12 weeks pregnant.  But I think it is more about the toning at this point.  Everything I'm not happy about isn't about size it's about softness.  There's a different roundness to my figure that I didn't have before.  And where the heck did my boobs go???????
Anyway, I will post a picture when I can.  And I am going to try to dig out the outfit I had on last time, so you can see the change.  And I won't do any air brushing or apps.  I may wait a couple of days though I have a mountainous pimple on my chin!  Eyuck!!!!  Anyway, must dash workout buddy on the phone, we need to make our plan for tomorrow!

Much Love!


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