March 21, 2014

Weight Loss in Inches

I was measured this week for the first time in 2 months.  Wowza!  It couldn't have happened at a better time.  After another disappointing week of weight loss, it was just what I needed to remind me that the scale isn't the inly predictor of change.  So my bloggy friends here is my progress so far...

Starting Weight :  153 lbs.  (January 1)
Current Weight :  140 lbs.  (and I have AF right now!  Super Bloated)

Starting Measurements                   Current Measurements
Neck                13                                        12.25
Shoulder          42                                        40.50
Chest               37                                         36
Arm                 11                                         10
Ribs                 33                                         32
Waist               32.50                                    30.75
MidSection      37                                         34.50
Hips                 41                                         38.50
Thighs              22.50                                   22.50
Calf                  14                                        14

Total Inches Lost   :   20 inches
Obviously I still have a long way to go, but everything is moving in the right direction.  As you can see by the numbers I have a bigger bottom half.  And that always seems to be my hardest and longest fought battle to lose any weight or inches from there.  This would also explain why I really want a boob job!  Then I would feel better balanced!  Plus...little secret here...during my chest measurement I was wearing my VicSecret add 2 cups bra, so I know there is way more inches lost there.  2 months ago I was just wearing a plain push up bra, now I have to wear the add 2 cups or else I have no upper curves!  BOOOOOOO breast feeding you killed my boobs! was worth it!
Next week is going to be a tough week for me and weight loss.  I am having a colonoscopy on Wednesday.  Which means I won't be eating from Tuesday mid day until late Wednesday.  But I am still going to give it my best foot forward.   Anyway, this weekend I am trying out 2 more recipes...If they pan out I will do a big food post about all the new recipes I have tried that are great! 

Much Love!


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J o s e y said...

Inches are definitely where it counts, not pounds. Way to go!