March 27, 2014

Pipes? Clear!

Okay gross!  I know!  But kind of funny! 
I had my colonoscopy yesterday. 
Everything looks good, I'm clear for 10 more years!
I had this done as we have a bad family history of colon cancer.  And at a younger age as well.  So I thought with all my digestive issues it wouldn't be a bad thing to get checked out.   Thank gosh this is one test I passed! 
Prepping for horrible!!! 
There has been no running this week.  There was play dates and the colonoscopy that took most of my week away from me.  But I plan on hopping on the treadmill tomorrow and banging out 6.5 miles.  Fingers crossed!  Then I'm off with Lola to Helping Hands for a Cooking Class!  Awww!  I know super cute!  Lol!  I promise I will take pictures and post some soon. 
And I'm trying really hard to get a good picture of Lucy.  She looks like such red neck!  She now has her 2 bottom teeth and her right TOP eye tooth!  (shaking my head)  I can't believe she is getting her eye teeth before her 2 top teeth!  Weirdo!  Lol! 
Must dash of fast as I am getting the house to myself for an hour tonight and I have a hot bath calling my name!  I hear you bubbles I'm coming!!!! 

Much Love!


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