March 18, 2014

Spring Forward

I love Spring and Summer!  It is my very favorite time of year.  The smells, the warm sun, the new growth!  Everything becomes alive again!  It is all around just wonderful.  But apparently Ontario forgot that Spring starts next week.  We are still struggling with well below zero temperatures and we are getting freezing rain tonight.  Woot!  woot!  (I hope the sarcasm is getting through!)
Twice a year we change our clocks.  (I'm explaining this as there are many who do not!)  In the fall we "Fall Back" an hour.  And in the spring we "Spring Ahead" an hour.  One would think that springing forward an hour wouldn't take too long for your body and your children to acclimate.  Well I am here to tell you, you would be WRONG!  Lol!  It has been a full week and my house is still struggling.  Okay maybe not everyone else but I am still struggling.  Lol! 
I think the girls are just adapting to a new schedule, which in all honesties, I actually really like!  However, I have been taking advantage of them sleeping late and I have too begun to sleep late.  NO GOOD!  I'm struggling in the mornings getting everyone myself going.  I'm at least 1-2 hours behind myself continually.  Which means my runs are taking a hit.  I haven't run since Friday now.  BOOOOO!  So tomorrow morning I am setting an alarm and getting up at 530 so I can get an hour run in before the girls get up at 7. 
Oh and I'm going to take a moment here to toot my own horn!  TOOT!  TOOT! 
I ran my first 6.5 km's on Friday!!!!  What!  What!  That's right!  I's be getting my running legs back!  I felt so very proud when I watched my mileage click past 4 miles!  That's really big for me!  Before Lucy I was always running 5 kms' (3.2 miles) but I could never seem to comfortably move beyond that.  My goal now is to smash that to smithereens!  I plan on 5 km being my small run now!  HOLLA!!!
Okay but onto more serious matters...
We are having a little trouble with one our doggies.  Mr Tonka.  He was Maddie's hubby.  He and Maddie had been companions since he was 5 weeks old.  He is 13 years old.  He is not moving on from Maddie's passing.  And I know...those of you who are not dog people are not going to get this at all...Sorry!  But seriously.  I have no idea what to do.  He is so depressed.  He barely eats and all he wants to do is sleep.  He has actually gone after Lucy now twice.  Which isn't that out of character for him, he's always been ornery.  But he just seems so ....  sad and lonely.   He would never bite her, but he sounds so mean when he grrrr's.  Anyway, JD and I are really scratching our heads on what to do with him.  He still has his daughter, but he seems as though he could take her or leave her.  To be honest he seems like he could take or leave any of us.  And he is now eating toilet paper.  Which is a sign of anxiety.  But I don't know what to do about all of this to fix it.  He has a grooming appointment April 2, so after that we are taking him to the vet for his shots.  If he isn't any better I guess I will be asking the vet for some doggie anti depressants. 
If any of you fellow pet lovers have any advice I would love to hear it. 
Oh and here we are 2 months passed her passing and Lola still talks about her every day.  She tells me every day "Mommy I miss Maddie."  All I can say is "me too baby me too..."  And I still do.  My heart still hurts.  And having a dog that is so clearly struggling with her absence is just making it that much more painful some days.  She really was an incredible dog.  I wish for all dog lovers to find that one dog that they connect with the way we did with Maddie.  I love Tonka and Lex but Maddie had something special...She was my Mad Dog.  Okay...enough...
My laptop is frustrating me so I'm going to cut this short.  (stupid thing keeps switching to French keyboard and keeps changing my view!!!!  Argh!!!)  More posts to come this week.  I'm working on a Friday Funnies Post, a foodie post, and a DE Mom Thoughts post! 

Much Love!


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S said...

Congrats on your run, and sorry to hear your doggy is depressed (which, as a fellow dog person, I totally get and believe).

Hope you get some warmer weather soon. :-)