March 9, 2014

LifeStyle Change Stalled

Well it's not the changing that has stalled.  I'm still adhering to my nutrition goals with less and less cheats every week.  But....the weight has stalled.  Craptastic!  This sucks!  I was down to 141 lbs. and super excited last Friday.  I was so close to breaking out the 140's!  And then Sunday night JD said let's get some wings.  And BOOM!  Back to 143.  And that is where I have stayed all week.  Not one ounce of loss.  PISS ME OFF!!!  But here's the big thing.  I have pinched a nerve in my back.  So I have been living on Ad.vil and Ro.bax and I've only run 2x this week.  Both were pathetic runs too. 
But I'm going to keep trudging on.  My body fat has gone down.  But I'm bloated, retaining water (advil) and I'm a little backed up...uncomfortable...  I've been having stomach pains all week as well.  I feel like such a write off.  I've got too many things working against me right now.  But it's not going to defer me from continuing on.  It's not about the scale, its about how I live and feel.  And I have goals for this month that I think are going to help me achieve my good health and maybe just maybe start getting my scale moving. 

#1.  Get my thyroid panel run... 
Very important.  I haven't had it run since I had Lucy.  So I am still on the dose I was at 170 lbs.  I'm sure that needs to be adjusted.  Plus I've adjusted how I've been taking it in the last 2 weeks and I think the change is actually hurting me not helping me.  So I will go back to taking it only a 1/2 hour before eating rather than 4 hours. 
#2.  Get to my GI appointment. 
Yes I have an appointment booked with a GI to discuss getting a colonoscopy done.  Yes I am young for this.  But we have a family history of bowel cancer.  And bowel diseases.  So this is preventative.  Plus I have had nothing but poop problems for 4 years now, so I do think it is time to get some assistance and maybe some helpful ideas.
#3.  Dream Board
I know this sounds wonky.  But I'm doing it.  Since I now have a treadmill in my basement, I now run staring at unfinished walls and ceilings.  Instead I am going to make a couple of inspirational posters and a dream board of my goals that will be in my line of sight.  I'm hoping this will make the first 16 minutes of every run much more enjoyable.  I tend to struggle for the first 16-20 minutes of every run.  But after that the runner's high kicks in and I love it!
So here's my recap....
Starting weight :  153 lbs.  (January 2)
Current weight  :  143 lbs.  (March 9)
Not the greatest or fastest.  But again I'm not dieting I'm changing my lifestyle.  And 10 pounds is still 10 pounds.  Still I will admit I'm disappointed.  I'm working so dang hard.  I think I should be seeing more loss.  Oh well there is no other option but to continue on.  That's all for today folks.  Foodie Post coming soon!

Much Love!


J o s e y said...

DUDE, 10# in 9.5 weeks is amazing. The trainer I used to work with said that any loss about .5-1.0# per week is REALLY hard to maintain because it's not actually about a lifestyle change. I think you're doing amazingly well! I know you're frustrated about it not falling off faster, but 10# down is a heck of a lot better than 10# up or even the same!

I know you're working with a nutritionist, but are you sure you're eating enough calories? There's such a fine line, and if I dip too low, it actually stalls my weight loss. Maybe try upping your cals by 300/day for a week and see what happens?

ks said...

I do think that is the problem Josey! I seem to be short every day. Lack of time and energy is killing me! I always fall short on either a veg or a fruit. This week I am going to make a concentrated effort to eat everything!
Thank you for the encouragement I truly appreciate it!

Kathleen DiVirgilio said...

Keep going! I have thyroid issues too! Your #1, 2 and 3 are great.

Michelle D said...

Still sounds awesome to me. I'm sure it is annoying when you know how much effort is going in though. I hope a little tweaking and checking on things will help you get where you want to though. Best wishes.