January 6, 2014

Blizzard Abound!

Damn you winter!  You totally screwed up my morning!  I was all dressed in my running gear.  I was going to brave you rotten roads.  I packed up both girls and headed out.  It took me 15 minutes to get 2 kms to the sitter's house to drop off Lola!  No plows!  I thought to myself ...hmmm...  maybe I should rearrange my errands as we are expected to get another 15 cm's today.  So I responsibly headed to the grocery store for chicken first instead of last.  Lucy and I go in and chat with the ladies working there, get our chicken, and as I'm chatting at the cash, the cashier, my neighbour, says to me I hope you make it home before the plow comes by.  Oh SHIZNIT!!!!  I hadn't even thought about that.  I'm driving a minivan and that does not like to plow through 3-4 feet of snow.  No siree bob!  So I decided to say suck it to going to the gym or my nutritionist. 

And a good thing I did too.  The main road out of my little community is shut because of an accident.  And the main highway, at my off ramp is shut as a tractor trailer went through the guard rail.  So um yeah roads are bad. 

I did call JD though and ask him to bring me home a 4x4 .  I plan on hitting the gym tonight after Lucy is in bed.  I signed up for some races this summer last night and my first one is a trail run in April.  So I need to get my ass in gear and get back on the treadmill.  Plus it goes along with my lifestyle change.  I need the cardio and strength training to feel the way I want to. 

The lifestyle change is hard.  Lola had the flu for 2 days and Lucy was keeping us up at night, which in turn made me so exhausted yesterday that I threw up twice.  So I didn't eat all the food I was supposed to yesterday and that makes a huge difference.  Plus I cheated 3x last week.  Not my best effort.  But change doesn't happen in an instant, unless it's a diaper!  Lol!  But I am still down 3lbs. 
The morning after I started all of this I shot up to 153lbs and as of this morning I am down to 150 lbs.  I'm not overly excited about this as since I've had Lucy I have floated between 146-150 lbs.  When I got past 150 I knew it was time to make the change.  I wasn't dropping anymore.   The days I have the hardest time are the days JD is home.  So I have to be super vigilant the rest of the time.
Tonight I am trying a new recipe.  Ginger chicken stir fry with asparagus.   I hope its as good as it sounds.  Gosh I hope this blizzard passes soon I need to get my new routine down.  Tomorrow we have Lucy's 6 month well check.  I will post her stats and 6 month picture tomorrow when I get home.
If you are in eastern USA or southern Ontario Canada - drive safe my friends!

Much love


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