January 5, 2014

Thank you!

To my blogger friends for your kind thoughts regarding my last post.  It seems however bit JD and I are not on the same page.  JD is not ready to let her go.  It breaks my heart that my big strong wonderful husband can't say goodbye to our little 7 lb doggy.  I know it's a hard decision, I've been tormented with it as well.  So until he actually makes the appointment she is staying put.
The thing is though...he's not home during the day.  He doesn't see that during the daylight hours she really has little quality of life.  He only sees her at night when she comes out of her little dog house to sit and cuddle with us on the couch.  But you know...if I was really certain I know he would honor my wishes. 
Our prayer is that she passes away on her own either in bed with us one night, or in her little dog house.  But we all know that rarely happens with pets.  For this week, Maddie lives to see yet another week!
Thanks again for all your kind thoughts and words.  This is such a hard thing for me to go through.  It's not as though this is my first loss or anything.  But this was MY first dog.  I bought her, I trained her, I bred her, I've mothered her for 14 years.  I've slept on a kitchen floor with her when she had her puppies for 2 weeks!  I milked her when she got mastitis.  I've nursed her back to health from too many injuries and surgeries to think about.  This one is very hard.  As will the next 2 be.  And that is why I know we will be an animal free home at one time for a couple of years.  It's too hard.

Thanks again!

Much Love!


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