January 15, 2014

Better Day

Thank God!  Lucy finally bounced back yesterday afternoon.  She drank 6 oz and pounded 1 bowl of pablum and then slept for 13 hours.  And today I swear she is trying to make up for the last week.  She is downing her bottles and eating like no tomorrow!  Her mood still isn't the best, and she is still really tired, but I'm seeing bits of my little girl back.  I think it was a stomach bug that really knocked her down, but I also believe that she is teething hard right now.  So a double whammy!
My day yesterday was HORRIBLE!  I went to the gym and then went to my nutritionist.  While I was leaving the nutritionist's parking lot, I was backing out of my spot, (checked each way 3x) and as I'm half way out I hear this blaring horn and now there is a truck stopping right behind me.  I stopped before hitting him as I was going I don't know 2 kms an hour.  I rolled down my window and said I checked 3x you weren't there, if someone is 1/2 way  out of their spot you know you can wait.  The passenger proceeded to jump out of the truck and run at me screaming!!!!  And I mean screaming!  He was yelling vulgarities at me.  I yelled back at him to watch his mouth I had babies in the car, he continued to yell and scream, so I blared my horn at him until he shut up!  He then whipped out his phone and starts screaming I'm putting you on UTUBE you crazy awful mother!  My response!  I smiled, blew him a kiss and said Have a great day sweetheart!  I then continued out of my spot but the arse in the truck blocked me from leaving the lot.  He was hanging half out of his car yelling as well!  I calmly said listen I obviously didn't see you but I do believe you were going too fast and you should be a little more considerate in parking lots.  He said why didn't you say that first?  I said when?  When you are screaming and swearing at me!  I waved him off and said I don't have time for you!   I ended up having to pull over as my babies were crying from them screaming at us.  Suffice it to say I was very upset, as this was on top of everything else that was going on.
It took me probably 3 hours and Lucy taking 2 bottles before I finally pulled myself together.  Yesterday was such an emotional day for me that I questioned if I needed to get myself into the Dr and get back on some meds.  PPD can sneak up on you.  And when you are just passing the 6 month mark it's less obvious if that is really what is going on.  I think I'm okay though.  I stopped taking the anti anxiety medication when I stopped breast feeding.  I wanted to get off of all the meds.  I've been taking one thing or another since Lola's cycle.  Whether it was fertility related, or breast feeding, etc...  I just want to be drug free for awhile. 
I think I was just at my breaking point with Lucy being sick.  I was okay on day 2, day 3 I started to get more upset, but by day 6...I was full on losing my shit!  Oh boy! 
So anyway, my reason for this post is to say thank you!  Thank you to those that commented.  I needed your support yesterday.  I am..no..scratch that...We are all doing much better today.  A happier post is coming tomorrow.  And Friday I will update you on the LifeStyle Change progress.
Much Love!


Michelle D said...

Oh my heck on the parking lot fiasco. I'm sorry. I would have lost it...either with anger or tears. I don't understand why anyone would think someone would purposely back out or try to cause an accident. I'm glad you're okay. Glad to hear that Lucy is doing better also. I hope things are on the upswing for you.

J o s e y said...

Oh my gosh, what an asshole! I totally would have lost it with him! Glad you and the kids were okay.