January 19, 2014

1 Up 1 Down

We get one baby healthy and back into a normal routine, and BAM the other one goes down HARD!  We have officially been hit with the flu.  Lola went down yesterday and the fever hit last night.  We had made it 32 months in this house with no fevers, which is a small miracle in itself.  And boy am I ever happy we don't have to deal with those a lot.  We spent a large portion of the night watching Lola through the monitor and getting up to change her pajamas 3 times.  She had the shakes, sweats, and was having trouble walking.  My poor Bean.  I think I am going to take her to the Dr tomorrow to make sure that it isn't strep or bronchitis.  As both of those have been going around.
So the start of my week is not going to go as I had planned.  There will be no swim class tomorrow and no gym time.  I'm hoping that I will find the energy tomorrow night to at least go for a swim, but we will have to wait and see.  I'm going to have to run out right when JD gets home tomorrow night as I have to go see my nutritionist quickly.  I missed my weigh in on Friday and I can't miss my Monday one. 
Okay must rush off.  Babies are needing my attention.

Much Love!


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