December 4, 2013

Video Monitor Ordered

And on it's way to us!  I ordered the one with an intercom on it.  I ordered this for Lola's room.  I'm at the point with lack of sleep that we are willing to try anything.  I've had a few unusual recommendations to try and I think we are going to give them a whirl.  Something has to work.  LolaBean was a fantastic sleeper before?!

I know spending the money on a video monitor for a kid that is 2 1/2 is a little silly, but I have other plans for this monitor.  We are in the process of finishing the basement and we are making one room a child's playroom/rec room.  I plan on putting the video monitor down there so the girls can play while I make dinner when they are a little older.  Like 4 and 2'ish.  So I don't think this was a wasted purchase.  Plus if it helps get us some sleep again it will be money well spent.  

One of the odd recommendations I got was waking her up randomly throughout the night to break her routine.  Like I said it sounds odd.  But I'm willing to give it a shot.  So tonight I will wake her up at 12 for a drink of water.  And then again at the Lucy feeding.  Apparently another mother did this and after 2 nights they broke the waking in the night habit.  I've also included a clock on her Santa list.  It's a clock that shows when she is allowed to leave her room.  It's got a bunny on it and at night the bunny is lit up by stars asleep in it's bed.  And you set the clock whether it be 6:30 or 7 and when it is that time the bunny lights up the bunny with the backpack on, in the sunshine.  This way they know when they are allowed to leave their room.  

I mean something has to work right.  We've tried being stern with her and that's not working.  The monster spray only worked for about a week.  And she is adamant that she is not having nightmares?  I don't know?  I'm at my wits end.

Wish us luck I'm about to start getting the girls ready for bed.

Much Love!


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Michelle D said...

I hope the waking method works. I have read that if it is nightmares that waking them works to break the sleep cycle. I imagine it would be the same for breaking other routines/ maybe it just exhausts them to sleep ;) Good luck and hope it works so you can get some better sleep.