December 6, 2013

Mommy's Running Diary (Picture Encl)

Not a great week this week running.  JD was home 3 days and that seems to throw me off my schedule.  Hopefully when he's home more on a regular basis we will be able to keep up with our normal routine.  I did manage to get a run in on Monday.  And I did 4 km's.  Not bad.  I got a good sweat going so I felt good doing it.  But now that the weekend is here there will be no more running until Monday.  There is no child mind at the gym on the weekends.  Really stupid I know!  Irritating!  

But we had a busy week.  JD and I dropped LolaBean off at the sitter on Wednesday and then went Christmas shopping.  We ended up finishing Lola off, the twins and my niece and nephew in Ottawa!  So we did pretty good.  Then on Thursday we took the girls to go see Santa.  And today Lucy had her Dr's appointment.  You wouldn't think all of these things would take your entire day up but they do.  It's 1/2 hour to 45 minute drive every where big we have to go.  Plus you have to deal with feeding 2 munchkins wherever you go and you have to make sure you are home for a decent afternoon nap.  That pretty much kills your day.  

Thankfully JD was able to get some work done around the house this time.  He actually cleaned up the yard.  Got it snow ready since we've already had quite a bit of snow.  We got all the Christmas lights up.  I cleaned the house and wrapped Christmas presents.  And I also found a half hour to do a couple of photo shoots with Lucy.  TeeHee!  I have one picture to post!  :)  (stupid computer doesn't want to co-operate).

Well I must dash off.  LolaBean needs to get to bed and I'm off to a girlfriend's house tonight!

Much Love!


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Michelle D said...

Darling picture. Hope you are having a great holiday season even with all the rushing about :)