December 27, 2013

A Merry Update!

What a wonderful Christmas it has been.  I can't wait for 2 years from now when Lucy is as into it as Lola was this year.  Lola was nutters!  As a matter of fact I can hear her giggling outside right now with one of her presents!  A snow ball maker!  And I am typing away on my new present.  A new....laptop!  WHAWHA!!!  Thank you Santa!  Gosh did I ever need one.  It was one of the main reasons my blogging was taking such a hit.  My laptop was on it's last leg and I was trying so hard to maintain it until I could back up all the photos and videos that were on it.  Now I'm sailing folks! 
So in case you hadn't heard we got nailed here with an ice storm.  It knocked out power in the city to over 250,000 people for over 6 days.  Luckily enough we live far enough north that we got a lot more snow than ice, but we still got hit.  I was locked in the house with 2 girls for 2 days.  Right after the storm the temps dropped to ridiculously cold and there was no way we were leaving the house.  So good job Mommy that all the shopping and everything was done before the storm hit.  (pats self on back). 
And Mommy (this girl) went and got back in touch with my nutritionist today.  I start my lifestyle change on Monday.  This is the same nutritionist that worked with me last year to lose 55 lbs before I got pregnant with Lucy.   Thankfully I'm only looking at losing 33 lbs.  and that will take me 10 lbs lower than when I got pregnant.   I started weaning Lucy on Christmas Day and by Monday she will be completely off the boob.  I got new running pants as a gift and I plan on wearing the shiznit out of them.  It's time to get me back.  It's time to not just be a mom.  It's time for this chicka to be proud of herself again.
Well that's about all I have time for tonight.  I have more coming for sure.  But I will leave you with a picture of us on Christmas Night! 

Much Love!



Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family you got there! It's very exciting to see that all your perseverance paid off. Wishing you a very healthy, joyous, prosperous 2014! I'll use you for my fitness motivation. I completely agree with your make time for mommy now outlook. We definitely need to be proud of ourselves again! All the best to you.
Kathy xoxo - extremely long-time pre-Lola reader, first time commenter.

Michelle D said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I wish you all the best in your healthy always do so well at it and I'm excited to hear and learn some tips :) Glad you were safe during the mess of a storm.