January 22, 2013

Bitter and Cold...

I'm sure all my friends to the East can empathize with me on this...but dang it's COLD!!!  - 22 today!  My hands are like dry little pieces of straw.  Any harsh touch will rip the precious skin.  And I'm moisturizing every half an hour.  But you know with the amount of hand washing I do a day it really should be no surprise that my skin is drying out.  

Now that you understand that yes I am cold...oh so cold...Now I'll explain the bitter...

I have one girlfriend who just got back form Jamaica, one who is currently in Mexico and one that is leaving for Cuba next week, plus my MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL and the twins are doing a 'family' vacation to Florida ever so shortly.  (You like that it is a family vacation that doesn't include us?  We weren't even asked!)  Everyone is heading off or just coming back from some sort of break from life.  Not JD and I noooooo!!!  We are still here working everyday, not making a dollar!  Lol!  Our vacation this year was to go to Washington for our little snow baby.  It was a stressful, fast, expensive vacation.  (If you can really call it that).

*And it wasn't us that dubbed the in-laws trip a family vacation...They told us yesterday that they were going on a family vacation...So apparently JD and I are just what?!?!?!*

We work really hard.  Every day.  We need a break.  The next month work is going to be even worse.  JD's employee is taking a week off, and then my employee is leaving for her maternity leave.  So we are completely screwed.  Ahhh the joys!  So no break in the near future.

Okay my bitter, poor me rant is over for today.  Time to slap a smile on my face and try to get through my work day until I can be home with my sweet Lola!  My love!  Come on Lotto Max draw my numbers.  Or come on Alberta hire my husband!

Much Love!


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nogoodeggs said...

Hope you can have a stay-cation soon! WE have been doing that - being tourists in our own backyards! It is -1 degree here in the midwest this morning! But I will take these freezing temperatures over a blizzard or ice storm anyday!