January 17, 2013

15 Weeks Appointment - Doppler

Ahhhh my old friend!  You give me anxiety when the Dr. casually whips you out.  But then I hear the most glorious noise.  A galloping heart beat.  It fills the room.  It brings tears to my eyes.  And all of a sudden I am at peace again.  Anxiety has been wrapped back into a little bag for another 3 weeks, until the next series of testings.  

For Lola's pregnancy we rented our own Doppler.  I found it actually gave me more anxiety than peace.  So I packed it away and didn't use it after 17 weeks.  I returned it shortly after Lola was born.  We will not be renting another one this time, as I just need to find my inner strength and faith and just let things be.  I need to just embrace the moment and not focus on the bad.  

So as you can tell from my first paragraph I had my OB appointment yesterday.  Everything looks good.  All my blood work is good so far, including my TSH.  My weight is alright.  We have my starting weight as 131 lbs.  and as of yesterday I'm up 4 lbs. (with clothes on).  I'm trying to be okay with the weight gain and I am really, I'm just irritated with myself at the muscle loss.  I'm irritated that I can't find the energy to get to the gym, just to do some cardio maintenance.   But I have signed up for prenatal yoga and that starts on Sunday. Woot!  Woot!  

I'm feeling good.  Good enough.  Still suffering from headaches and I could sleep for days.  But it's been a week since my last hurling session, so that is a major improvement.  I could be exhausted though as Lola is teething again.  We think she is working on her molars.  She is a right nightmare.  She sleeps fine at night.  But is refusing naps all day, then over tired and whinny, she's super irritable too.  We are giving her Advil and it seems to help a bit.  But she is definitely not her usual Lola.  This too shall pass though so I'm trying not to stress.

No news yet on the job front.  We've had some phone calls and a very positive email.  But nothing to say one way or the other.  We feel pretty confident that this is going to happen.  It's more so a matter of when.  Will it be this month or will it be early Spring.  I'll keep you posted.

I promise tonight I will get JD to take a belly bump picture.  I really wish I had one from the beginning as you would so see a major difference.  Not seeing a before, your more likely to say, what bump?  Trust me it's there and it's all changed.  I seem to have filled out again in my back.  I thicken up all around.  Lucky Me!  No cute little basketball belly for this Chicky.  And I think by next week I just might have to break down and look at some maternity pants.  Ugh!  My skinny jeans just aren't comfortable anymore.  C'est la vie!  That's all for today!  Sorry I know it's a boring post.

Much Love!



Brenda said...

Yay for good pg updates!

J o s e y said...

Yikes - I just read your post that you took back down, and that sounds SO horrid. I hope you guys are able to move, and soon!!