January 24, 2013

16 Weeks!

This pregnancy is so different from Lola's pregnancy.  I'm still wearing all my normal shirts and jeans.  Minus two pairs of skinny jeans that just feel too tight around the mid section...I can do them up but I know I'll have button indents by the end of the day.  Lol!  With Lola's pregnancy I started having to wear maternity pants right before Christmas.  So far nope still doing okay with regular pants.  I did however order 2 new shirts from Zul.ily the other day, so I'm excited for them to get here.  But I know I probably won't be sporting them for at least another 2 months.  

2 more weeks and we find out what we are having!!!  JD kind of wants it to be a surprise.  But me no way!  I need to plan.  If it's not a girl I am having a HUGE garage sale and then taking whatever is left over to Once Upon a Child.  If it is a girl then I need to go through everything and see what actually is worth keeping and what needs to be donated.  Plus I want to plan another nursery.  Of course I do!  I mean I never thought I'd get to decorate one let alone two!  This is all so awesome still.

The nausea is definitely gone.  And the utter exhaustion seems to be lifting.  It seems like I get a massive energy boost every 2 days or so.  For example Friday I cleaned the house.  Then Sunday I organized my closet, Monday I cooked and baked all afternoon after work, and yesterday I cooked again all afternoon.  I like to pre-make as many meals as I can to try to discourage the eating out.  I really need to watch my health this pregnancy and last time I looked Wendy's isn't really on the nutritional pyramid!  Lol!  Oh how I wish poutine was actually good for you though!

The head aches...They are still there...Argh!  But I seem to be getting less and less.  Since Yoga really.  So I think a lot of it was from tension.  I tend to tense up and keep all my stress in my neck and shoulders.  I can actually feel it starting again today.  So I think when I get home from work today I will pop on one of my yoga dvd's and try to do a little bit to decompress.  

No I still have not made it back to the gym.  I know, I know...bad...  I'm trying but there is just so much to do all the time.  Taking that extra hour for myself just seems to stress me out more than it should.  I'm not worrying about it though.  But if I don't make it back into a routine soon I am going to put my membership on hold for awhile.

On the job front...It looks like there will be no changes or hiring going on until March or April right now.  We had a feeling.  When JD talked to the recruiter he had said they had just hired as many as the could for their training seminar in December, so we had a feeling.  We will just have to bite the bullet a little longer here and do our best to cut corners where we can.  

I'm going out for dinner Friday night with my Mommy Group.  It's the first time I've seen them since right after our transfer.  I still haven't taken a bump shot.  But I still plan on getting going on that.

Much Love!


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