August 11, 2012

Riding the Bench!

That's me right now.  I'm on the injured list.  My leg pain is really bad.  I've been battling it for months now.  Its travelled from my calf, into the front of my knee, now pain is radiating hot evil bone aching pain right thru my front shin into the side of my knee cap.  I finally caved and went to a Sports Injury clinic.  Sure enough my hip flexor is out and it's trapped my femoral nerve, running right thru the groin down the leg into the side of my foot.  I've had 4 physio appointments so far and I swear it's worse.  I tried to run last Monday and I only made it 19 minutes, 3.6 km's in.  I was almost in tears.  I held it together though as I was with Lola and JD.

My mood this week has been terrible.  I'm kind of lost on what to do to exercise.  It hurts so much all the time.  I'm doing stretches every night and I can tell that it actually is getting better.  But dang I just waited a little too long to get in and get this dealt with.

I might not be able to do the Tri in September.  I can't run now until maybe after my next physio appointment.  This just sucks...

I'm sorry that this is my post...I know, not that interesting.  But I've had a rough week, and I know being sedentary is what is bringing my mood down so much. 

I will lick my wounds, get up, snap out of it, and get in gear in a different way...I just need to figure that part out!  Lol! 

More to come...
Much Love!


Michelle D said...

I can't imagine the pain of that or the frustration. I'm glad that it sounds like a repairable injury and I hope that it will heal quickly. Let your body have the rest it needs to heal and you will be on the horse again very soon. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...