May 30, 2012

WWW - Week 18 & 19

Phew!  What a busy 2 weeks it's been.  I promise to get back on track with my blogging very soon.  Especially since I can't remember all of my workouts after a 2 week span has gone by!  LOL! 

Oh Shoot!!!  I almost forgot!!!  Folks I did a 50 km ride on the weekend!  It was awesome!  It was the hilliest ride I've even been on in my life.  There was honestly only one straight bit and it was 1/2 km!  JD and I did it on Sunday.  It was called Spin the Lakes.  It was up in "Cottage Country".  And we did it in just a little over 2 hours!  Can you believe it?  So what do you I getting Tri Ready????

Any we go folks...the stats!
Starting Weight : 169 lbs.
Last Weigh In : 151 lbs.
Last Week : 148 lbs.
Current Weight : 144 lbs.
Goal Weight : 130 lbs
Ideal Goal : 125 lbs.

1. Reiterate my Goal and where I stand in reference to it.

Healthy lifestyle and an athletic body. And I am trying to build myself up to the 10 km run. My ultimate goal is to do a sprint Tri at the end of the summer.

2. Discuss what I am doing to achieve these goals.
Running 3x a week (at least)
Biking 2x a week
Swimming 1-2x per week. (I'm meeting with my old Tri coach on thursday mornings!)
Some muscle endurance classes (when time allows)
Eating smaller portions and more frequently throughout the day.
Drinking 8+ large waters a day. (no pop or flavour water)
Cut out the FATS!!!

Activities and Goals for this week
Thursday - Swim and Run
Friday - Run 5 km + with Lola  (might rain
Saturday - Run 4 km with Lola and Hubby
Sunday - Swim
Monday - Road Ride (25 km) + Run right after
Tuesday - swim and weights

3. Post a reasonably healthy recipe, cooking tip or new idea for working out.
After 30 years of terrible eating's really funny that I actually do have healthy tips.  But I have fully embraced my new lifestyle, and I can't help but share some of what I've learned...
  • Watch the starch veggies!  IE:  carrots and corn (they are highest in sugar content and thus turn into fat)
  • Really monitor your dairy intake.  Dairy is one of the contributors to belly fat.  1 serving of dairy is 1 ounce of cheese!  It's really surprising when you actually start realizing how much we actually over eat. 
  • Your protien should be the size of your palm.  And you should have at least 2 per day.  If you are excercising over 6 hours per week than have at least 3 per day.  Protien is super imporant when trying to maintain a healthy weight loss.
Okay folks that's enough for tonight!  I will blog again soon!  I have some super cute pictures to share AND some 1st Birthday plans to share!  Can you believe my little LolaBean is going to be 1 next Friday!!!!!!!

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

GREAT progress Ks - thanks for the tips!

Maria said...


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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You are shredding the pounds!! Good for you!!! And good job on 50K!! Thats insane!! And I know...I can't believe our litte ones will be 1!