June 18, 2012


This may be a quick little post just to explain my lack of blogging...

First off...Lola just celebrated her 1st Birthday! Oh my! We have a one year old!?! We threw a big party to celebrate. Which took my entire mind and free time for over a week to plan and execute! It went off great (even with iffy weather), everyone seemed to have a good time, food was great and Lola was so happy!!! (I promise a picture post is coming!)

Secondly...Lola has been teething for over a month! 3 teeth popped in 3 days! One being a molar! Oh my goodness was she clingy!! Suffice it to say I've been exhausted by the time I put her down is an understatement!

Thirdly...I'm back at work almost full time (our full time is ridiculous)! We unfortunately had to fire my employee! So my life has changed drastically! I'm trying to fit in my tri training, healthy eating (home cooked) and making all Lola's food on top of being in at work by 7:30! (I live a 1/2 hour away). It's AWESOME! Well..no not really!

For those of you that are following WWW! Here's my stats. 144 - 3 weeks ago, 141 - 2 weeks ago, and 139 - this last week! I don't fit into my skinny clothes from before Lola! I'm actually wearing clothes from before all the IF crap! I've hit the 30 lbs lost mark! (swear word coming....). HOLY FUCK!!!! :) I promise I will get on my laptop this week and do a full picture post of Lola's Birthday!

Much Love!

*Edited to adjust the spacing!  That drives me batty!!!*


Anonymous said...

Good JOB on the 130s!!! I am struggling to get past 142...another plateau?!! Ugh. I know how busy you are...I'm one of them busy workin' mamma's too.

J o s e y said...

Holy fuck indeed -- that is AWESOME progress. Way to go KS!!!