April 11, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In - Week 11 & 12

Again my apologies for my lack of posting on WWW.  But I'm still suffering with IT band trouble and calf issues.  My workouts for the last 2 weeks have been few and far between.  Plus my eating healthy has suffered quite a bit with all that has been going on.  But I am determined to get back on track.  So here we go with the stats....
Starting Weight: 169 lbs.
Last Weigh In: 161 lbs.  (Week 10)
Last Week's Weight: 160 lbs.
Current Weight: 159 lbs.
Goal Weight: 145 lbs.
Ideal Goal: 125 lbs

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal.
My goal is to regain my healthy lifestyle.  It's not so much about the weight.  It's more about how I look and feel.  I DO NOT want to be a skinny little woman.  I want to be strong and healthy.  I want to have an athletes body.  I want arms that you would kill for.  I've definitely got a long way to go.  But I did notice in the past week that my arse is now smaller than my hips and thighs!  This is huge for me since I carry the majority of my weight in my lower body.  Now if I could just get the weight moving off my thighs and into my boobies!  LOL!
2. Discuss what I am doing to Achieve these Goals.
I've been running.  And running too much.  These injuries that I've been getting are a direct result of me not focusing of other areas of my training.  I absolutely need to increase my weight workouts.  I need to increase the muscle in my glutes and calves.  So here is my new schedule...

Activities and Goals for this Week

Eat a healthy salad 3x for lunch.
Eat 1 banana every day and 1 yogurt.
Run 3x this coming week. (minimum 5 kms each run)
Weight train 3x this week and stair master at the close of every workout.
Try to get into the pool for at least 1 swim.

3. Post a reasonably healthy recipe, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out, a photo update on my weight loss, or anything else I'd like to share.
I found a great app for my phone that helps a ton with my outdoor runs.  It's mapmyrun.  This is great because it gives you a breakdown of your speed, your distance.  It also has a calorie counter but I don't find that as useful as MFP. 

Now just a little pick me up for myself.  And to share with you all how far I really have come.  Even though it's slow going I do feel proud with my progress, as I know I am doing it the healthy way.

I considered myself pretty healthy before my pregnancy.  Not at my ideal weight, but I was working really hard and I had lost 20 lbs before my last transfer.  My starting weight prior to the cycle was 145.  My weight at 6 weeks pregnant with twins was 155.  Mind you I had been on massive amounts of hormones.  And I ballooned with pregnancy and swelling so that 2 weeks before delivery I was 190...Meaning I was probably pretty close to 200 by the time I delivered.  My weight at 1 month post partum was 174, and I seemed to stay there.  Urrgghhh!  So by being only 4 lbs away from where I was at 6 weeks pregnant means a whole lot to me. 

Much Love!


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J.o.s.e.y said...

Wow, you've had "off weeks" and still gone down? Good for you!!!

I think we're built very similarly - I agree, I'll never been a stick thin girl, but I sure as hell can be strong, fit, and toned!

I've used MapMyRun for seeing distances on my computer, but never downloaded the app on my phone. Thanks for the tip! I love MFP for calorie tracking as well.

Congrats on being almost back to your 6w week after having twins - that is awesome!!!