March 28, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In - Week 9 & 10

So sorry for my absence on this.  I've had some set backs.  2 weeks ago my hip went.  Now that has healed and now today I've pulled my calf.  Dang Nammit!  So with all this I haven't been hitting the gym as hard as I would like, and I've had some massive cheats.  But I am trying to get back on track.

Starting Weight: 169 lbs.
Last Weigh In: 161 lbs.
Last Week's Weight: 160 lbs.
Current Weight: 161 lbs. (AF is here, so not too bad!)
Goal Weight: 145 lbs.
Ideal Goal: 125 lbs
1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal.
My goal is to regain my healthy lifestyle. It's not so much about the weight as it is about how I feel. But the weight is the best indicator I have currently. My #1 goal before my next transfer is to complete a Try a Tri by September.  I have 2 runs coming up soon though.  I have a 5km on April 21 and another 5 km on May 12!  :)

2.  Discuss what I am doing to Achieve these Goals.
Mainly I'm running.  I am trying to switch up my work outs a bit, as I seem to be injuring myself a bit too much right now.  Which I think is my bodies way of telling me to take the running down a notch.  I am also trying to implement better eating habits.  That is probably my toughest one.  I'm an emotional eater.  When I'm down I want crap food!

I honestly can't remember everything that I have done in the last 2 weeks.  There was a lot of running though, this I do know.  But I did take 3 days off over the weekend.  But on Monday I had my best run ever.  It was the fastest I've ever been and I exceeded my usual goals.  Then during Tuesday's run my calf knotted up and today's run just threw it over the edge.  :(

Activities and Goals for this Week
Eat a healthy salad 3x for lunch.
Eat 1 banana every day and 1 yogurt.
Only have 1, and I mean 1 cheat night.
Run 3x this coming week.
Weight train 3x this week.
Try to get into the pool for at least 1 swim.

3.  Post a reasonably healthy recipe, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out, a photo update on my weight loss, or anything else I'd like to share.

I got nothing!  I'm sorry! 

Oh yes I do...  If you are starting to run, you need to be aware that your runners are the most important piece of equipment.  If they don't have the support you need you will have injuries!  Ask me I know!  LOL!  This is how I was able to fix the hip thing!  I broke down and bought those killer expensive running shoes I wanted.  I actually went and had a proper fitting and had a pro look at my run and figure out what type of support I needed.  And now that I have proper shoes, my muscles aren't compensating anymore, they are actually getting the proper work out.  I guess my calves need a little more attention!  Ooops!

Happy Healthy Living fellow WWW sisters!  I'm back and I'm getting it done!

Much Love!


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J.o.s.e.y said...

Ugh, I need new running shoes for sure. Good for you for getting on it!