February 8, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Week 5

So another week is gone!  I really did mean to do a blog post over the weekend but things got away from me!  I'm sorry it seems the only posts you are getting right now are weigh in ones, but at least I'm making sure I get these in!  LOL!  Okay so this week was really good and then....I got my AF...

Starting Weight: 169 lbs.
Last Week Weight: 164 lbs.
Current Weight: 164 lbs.  (was 163 on Sunday then with bloating I shot back up to 166!)
Realistic Goal: 145 lbs.
Ideal Goal: 125 lbs.

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal:

My goal is to get back to my healthy lifestyle. Getting there very slowly.  I signed up for a 5km run at the end of April.  And I hope that this is just the beginning of me doing these types of runs.  I plan on trying to do a Try a Tri at the end of the summer!  I will get there!

2. Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals:
Currently I am in a running class and running 3x per week.
I am also doing muscle endurance.
I'm trying to get my eating habits back on track. That seems to be the hardest thing to get back.
I've booked a wellness appointment at the gym.  So hopefully I can get some better ideas on what are the best things for me to do in my limited amount of time at the gym.  (Lola can only handle an hour right now!)

Friday - Running Homework (1 hour)
Saturday - Muscle Endurance Class (1 hour)
Monday - Running Class / Elliptical (ran 2.5 miles)
Tuesday - Muscle Endurance Class (1 hour)
Wednesday - Running homework (3 miles)

Activities & goals for this coming week:
  • Run 3 miles or more every other day
  • Try to increase my pace and incline when running on the treadmill
  • Seriously limit the eating out....(dang nang it!)
3. Post a (reasonably healthy) recipe that I've tried, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out for people to try, a photo update of my weight loss, or anything else I feel like sharing.
My tip of the week...Hmmmm....Don't let your husband bring home coupons that he got for Wendy's....Dang It JD...Crap...I have no tips folks... I'm just barely hanging on here...I'm trying really hard to get the eating thing down and the working out thing down....And because I still seem to forget meals, I can't really focus too much on the calorie counting.  But I'll get there.  And I love reading all your tips as they do help me keep going!

Keep on losing ladies!  To a healthier happier you!

Much Love!



J.o.s.e.y said...

Try planning out your meals for the week ahead of time- that helps me so much!

Once again - your workouts are inspiring - keep up the good work!

Donor Diva said...

Eating out is my biggest issue also. I do great if I haves fridge full of food.