February 10, 2012


A bomb was dropped on us yesterday.  I am being forced back to work.  Dang It!  The Big Ugly Corporation who oversees our 2 locations sat down with my dear hubby yesterday and informed him that if I wasn't coming back to work they were taking one of our locations away from us.  Well....  Nuff said I think.  The decision was easy.  We are not willing to let go of one of our locations.  I mean my gosh we are barely hanging on with 2 locations.  The economy is so bad, and has been for so long.  

I don't know when I'm going back but it sounds like it is going to be before my year is up.  Suffice it to say there were a lot of tears yesterday trying to come to terms with the fact that I won't be a SAHM like we had wanted.  A lot of tears knowing that someone else will be there for her firsts instead of Mommy.  Oh my I'm going to cry again.  

I pulled up my big girl panties though and got on the phone with some other Mommy friends to try and get Lola some daycare.  I think I found a woman who is a perfect fit for us.  And surprisingly not too expensive.  I'm going to her house on Tuesday with LolaBean to meet her and let Lola get a feel for the environment.  Then I think we will start doing one morning or afternoon per week until I go back.  I really want Lola to be comfortable there before I have to leave her for the full day.

I'm not going to go back full time though.  I'm just going to go back enough to satisfy the powers that be.  I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and I'm not doing a full day.  Only 7:30 - 2:30.  That's about the max I can stand being away from my baby...Okay I might not even be able to handle that.  Especially considering I have over a 1/2 hour drive to and from work.  Crap this sucks!   

But you know with the way the economy has been, I should be happy that we both still have business'.  I mean c'mon the crash happened in 2008 for crying out loud.  When the heck is it going to pick up again?  Okay I'm done my pity party for the night.  I promise no more moaning about this issue until I actually have to go back...Okay one more thing though....What the HELL am I going to do about working out now?  The child mind at my gym is only available between 9-12!  I better get this weight off fast dang nammit!

Much Love!



Just the Tip said...

H's dad watched Peyton when I went back when she was 6 weeks old.
I cried, and cried.
I was so sad I was going to miss the firsts.
This is what I came up with that made it bearable. I didn't want them to tell me if they saw her do a first. But after I saw it the first time, i told them and if she had done it with them they would tell me.

That way I saw it myself without being told about it, but still knew if she had done it before or not.

I did manage to see some firsts (or they just lied lol) even with working 40 hours a week!


Michelle D said...

That stinks but you have a good attitude that you are lucky to have the business. I hope the daycare you are working out is wonderful.
I agree with Just...let them know that you either don't want to hear about first at all or don't want it mentioned until you see it the first time yourself. And with the amount of work you are planning on I can't imagine that you will miss too many. Good luck.
As to working out is there anything you can do at night? or more of a morning person? I don't work out enough HAHA so I can't help much there :)

Anonymous said...

Hey KS...this blows DONKEY B^LLS!!!! Sorry...a little vulgar I know but this truly sucks!! I am sorry hun...but you know what...Lola is going to do awesome and so will you. You will rock the workin' mom title. As for the weight...well just keep at 'er. Don't give up. You'll find the time because I know you are motivated. You'll do it...just trust yourself.