December 9, 2011

6 Months Old!

I'm so in love with this little girl!  She takes my breath away everyday.  I sneak in at night and have a look at her before I go to bed and I swear my heart just swells.  I hold my hand to my heart and whisper "I love you baby girl"  usually there is a tear in my eye.  How is it possible that after 6 months I am still so gooey?  I am still in such awe that we have a daughter.  I think we are going to feel forever blessed for this amazing gift that we have been given.

So what's new????  Well quite a bit actually!  Every day she does something new.  Funny new little things that she figures out.  For example a few days ago she realized that she could swing her arm around in circles.  Well now she has decided that this is especially fun to do while being breast fed, meaning that I either get smacked in the face or punched in the other boob!  Yahh!  She also likes to do this while she has her chew keys in her hand and that means she gets smacked in the face.  She even cringes when the arm is coming at her.  LOL!!!  Why LolaBean Why?

She's mastered rolling onto her tummy.  But not rolling back onto her back.  This causes quite a problem at night.  She wakes up and finds herself on her tummy and gets mad, yelling for mommy to come and rescue her.  Oh the sleepless nights have suddenly returned....Ahhhh!  She's so close to figuring it out though, and I'm working really hard with her on mastering this, so I can sleep past 3 am again.

LolaBean loves her doggies!  As you can see by her hugging Maddie in her 6 month picture!  LOL!
 And let me tell you how much she loves her doggies!  They are the only ones that can make her have a full belly laugh!  Apparently Mommy and Daddy just aren't funny enough.  Sure we get giggles and screeches.  But not the laughs that the dogs get when we are playing ball with them with her on our lap!  She loses it!  We have tried to get it on video, but she always stops the second the camera is on!  Go figure!  She seems to have a special love for Tonka too, which is really strange as he's the one who could really care less about her.  It's the girls that run into her room in the morning to get her up and at em!  Oh man is our house going to be busy once she's mobile!  LOL!  Lord help me cause it's coming soon!
 She's been on food for about a month now.  She's had bananas, apples, avocados, and peas.  This picture is avocado face!  She loves bananas and peas the most so far.  I'm not a huge fan of the peas, because the poops are horrendous!  They smell sooooooo bad!  And since JD is working ridiculous hours I am the sole poop changer!  JD and I bought the BabyBullet and we love it.  We got it on special with the babysteamer as well.  And it's just a dream.  It's making life so much easier.  And cheaper.  I'm making all her food and breast feeding, what more could you ask for.  Well okay we could be cloth diapering, but JD put his foot down on that one.  We actually had a little row about that one.  But y'know pick and choose your battles.  And seeing the poops that comes with food...well...I have to say I'm pretty happy now to just throw these stinky arse diapers out!  LOL! 

Well I could go on and on about all the new little things Miss Bean is up to.  But this is getting rather long.  And I'm sure you are all a little bored with my ravings!  If I start to get some sleep again I will be posting some Christmas posts!  We've got pictures with Santa, party dress pictures, and just cute shots coming to you soon!
Much Love to all my blogger friends!


Cam said...

She is the cutest little sweetie!!!! Getting so big...I cant wait until the twins are laughing! So awesome xxx

LisainSK said...

Awe! I just loved this post! She is such a cutie patutie!! My heart is swollen with love too. Thank JAW for DE!!