December 19, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Lola was great with Santa!  Sorry for the not so great quality of this picture, but I took this picture of the picture with my phone!  LOL!  I'm just too lazy to go into the basement and scan the original right now!  This just seemed easier!

We have been really busy around the house lately.  Getting everything ready for Christmas.  All the wrapping is done, the socks are ready to be filled!  The menu has been planned for Christmas dinner.  We are all set!  I know its silly to wrap presents for Lola, but she is so into grabbing everything right now, I wouldn't be surprised if she did open a few on her own.  And if she doesn't I do have a little dog that loves to open presents.  I'll try to get that on video for you all to see.  It's freakin hilarious! 

It looks like I may have a guest blogger post coming up shortly.  I have asked JD to do a post about his feelings about our journey and where we are now.  He says he needs time to map it out in his head first.  But stay tuned ladies, a male point of view is coming soon.  More pretty party dress pictures also coming soon!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Hannukha!

Much Love!


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LisainSK said...

I know...I'm like "Really Lisa...what is the point of wrapping those presents for LN10 anyway?" But hello...for PICTURES of course!! Ah the insanity! And I can't WAIT to read JD's post! My A reads EVERYONE's blogs...he's a chronic lurker. So I just know that he'll enjoy the post too. Maybe I can convince him to comment annonymously even?! Happy Holidays my friend...what a ride!