July 21, 2011

Update from a very tired woman!

Thanks for the info Lisa, JD has just run out to get the probiotic drops! We have had a very very trying last 4 days/nights. It is no doubt a growth spurt, but I seriously believe she has some digestive issues. So we are giving it a go and praying this helps. Last night I got 2 hours sleep and she got 3! Of course she naps (30 minutes) here and there but my gosh, baby sleep you need to sleep!

I've had some othe major stressors happen in my life. I found out on Monday my dad is under the care of a cardiologist. They ended up having to cancel their trip to Saskatoon. He is not allowed to be out of range of a hospital. He has an angioplasty booked for august 9th. To say I am stressed and scared is an understatement. Apparently my dad has been having chest pains for years and not telling anyone. The Dr says the damaged area to the heart is quite large, so we are looking at either a stint or bypass surgery. ... What will I do if this doesn't go well??? How can he have ignored this for so long? He has to stick around, Lola needs to know him...

Okay I have to sign off now, I need to try to clean myself up before JD comes home and finds me crying.

Much love!



Brenda said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. I know how stressful that can be. My Dad had a mild stroke about two weeks ago. He is doing really well, but is looking at bypass surgery in a year or less.

I know you are really overwhelmed right now, but hang in there, Lola needs you! I hope you both get some sleep soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh KS...I just want to reach out into cyber space and give you a hug! I have been a puddle more times than I care to admit myself. I hope the drops work good for you. And it is getting SUPER weird how much of our lives are so common...my dad had MAJOR heart surgery unexpectedly as well two years ago. It was tough to deal with as you worry, worry, worry. This is not what you need right now I know. Hugs...hang in there. Email me if you need anything.