July 16, 2011

5 weeks in...

And I'm surviving! LolaBean is a beautiful baby! I never dreamed I would be here, talking about MY daughter, but here we are! What a miracle DE is! Now onto the nitty gritty... Lola has taken to not sleeping at night. It seems she has a really hard time (painful) pooping. I know yuck right? But that's what is going on at my house. She screams and cries and can't sleep until she goes!?!? And it's not like she doesn't poop 5x a day, she does! And they are healthy #2's? So I don't really know what the problem is. We also have trouble with her burping, but we are determined and will burp her in 5 different positions for up to 45 minutes as we know what happens if she doesn't burp! Screaming! Right now we are averaging 1 goodnight followed by 3 bad ones. But we'll get there.

The breast feeding isn't going fantastic either, but she loves it so I'm going to keep trying and praying my milk supply picks up! So far I've lost 24 pounds. I still have 11 to go to get to pre-pregnancy weight but I'm aiming to lose at least 25 more. I'm nervous though to start working out. I don't want to do anything that might reduce my milk supply even more, so I'm holding off.

Sorry this post has taken me 2 days to finish! In the last 48 hours I've gotten approximately 6 hours of sleep. I'm wiped out. But I'm trying to handle all the night fussiness myself as JD has to work. OyyyVayyy! I'm really praying that tonight he takes pity on me and pulls night duty, but I won't hold my breath!

I'll post again on Monday with her 1 month photo. Much love to you all!



Abi said...

Regarding breastfeeding, do as much as you can for as long as you can (or want to) no matter how much that is. Baby and you benefit from any amount you do, both nutritionally, emotionally, and in immunity. So no worries if it isn't 100%!! Just keep at it as long as you both are happy! That is just my advice because I think we often think it is "all or nothing" not realizing that every drop is helping our little ones. So, feel proud of the amount you are able to do!!


Michelle D said...

Goodness...sounds like some hard nights. We had problems with gas/colic (and sucking air when crying)...learned to pump legs to make her toot and also have heard Gripe Water is awesome but never tried that. You can look up videos on YouTube with the leg pumping or ask Dr. It worked everytime for us. Hope you get some good sleep soon :)

Anonymous said...

KS...oh my!! I know...LN10 fusses all night long too trying to poop! And A starts night shifts tomorrow...can you hear my knees knockin'? No sleep here either...ah the madness and euphoria of newborns hey!

The Zoo said...

First off, Congratulations on your baby!

I just found your blog so don't know if anything that I'm about to say is relevant.

In order to help with my milk supply, I took Domperidone (90mg per day, 3 times the normal dose as it is usually prescribed for nausea). I needed a prescription. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

In addition, there are lots of "natural" products that you can take (sorry, I don't know what they are, oatmeal comes to mind, could be a wives tale, google it, smile).

All the best on your adventures.