April 8, 2011

So Tired!

I have been such a bad blogger.  And it's not from lack of items to blog about, I'm just too tired to try to put my thoughts into coherent sentences.  Sorry folks! 

I ended up on the phone with Labour and Delivery last week due to nagging lower pressure.  I decided not to go in for assessment, because it seemed that if I got my feet up and drank a gallon of water it would ease.  If I had any other symptoms I would have for sure gone in, but nothing else has presented itself.  My Dr. called me yesterday at home to see if I wanted to come in today instead of waiting another week.  I decided against it.  I think I am okay for another week.  IF anything changes for sure I will go in.

Heartburn has been horrible.  Apparently baby girl does not like fruit and vegs at all!  Every time I eat a banana or an apple I end up with crazy bad heartburn for hours.  But yet give me a smoothie and it's okay?!?  No logic here really!

My oldest BFF is coming to visit this weekend.  I haven't seen her yet since I've been pregnant.  That should be nice.  I hope she understands that I can barely stay up to 10.  Total sleepy lightweight here!  I'm also going to try to convince her that cleaning out my closet is a fun thing to do.  I only have help every other weekend to get this house ready, so company or not we are doing some nesting folks!  LOL!

This is about all my mushy brain can put together today.  Hopefully Monday will bring me a clearer head! 

Much Love!


P.S. FUCK YOU PETA!!!  You insensitive losers!  (And that's about all I have to say about them)

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Anonymous said...

Hey KS...hope the heartburn does not get any worse! And also hope that your BP's remain in the normal range. I know...I am super sleepy at night as well. Have a good weekend!