April 15, 2011

Pass and Fail..and Thank you!

First of all I just want to say Thank you.  Your comments really did help me feel better.  I think a lot of the low days can be attributed to hormones, and the reality that our IF journey was one hell of a roller coaster. 

Which is to be expected when it comes to us.  LOL!  I passed my GD test!  Yahh!  And I passed most of my other blood work, except, my Papp - A is still in the very low range.  Of course.  We didn't do the steroid shots yet.  We are hoping to push it until at least 30-32 weeks.  I have a growth/size scan booked for 2 weeks from now.  And we are going to start the NST tests soon.  So all in all a not too bad of an appointment. 

I was super cranky though yesterday.  Just not getting enough sleep, and having zero energy to do anything, but it is what it is.  JD was pretty good about digging me out of my funk.  He's just a funny boy, irritating at times, but I always end up laughing dangit!

I'm still working for the time being.  Not a whole lot, but I'm still getting up at 5:00 and getting my arse into the office to make sure everything is okay.  I usually stay for about 5-6 hours then head home for a big nap.  I've told JD I would really prefer not to do weekends anymore though.  Saturday's seem to kill me.  It's over 8 hours and most of it is either on your feet or on an 8 year old stool, so very uncomfortable for that kind of duration.  But every 2 weeks JD asks me "Do you want to be on the schedule?"  And every 2 weeks, I feel guilty and say "Yes..."  But I think I'm only going to finish doing the next 2 weeks on schedule and then after that I will just come in sporadically to check on paper work and such.  We'll see!

Well that's my update for today.  I promise I will get a picture on Sunday at 29 weeks.  Maybe before we go to the baby show!  :)  Anyway, have a good weekend everyone!

Much Love!



Brenda said...

So glad you are feeling better and passed the glucose test!! Yay for you! I hope that you can start to get more rest soon.

LisainSK said...

Hey ks...hope your concerning tests come out okay now that they are monitoring it. OH and I am also super sleep deprived as well...these hips are murder at night and just can't get more than like 3 hours of sleep a night. So I've been telling my work that if I have a very bad night I will come in at 10 and mark 2 hours sick leave...hey better than taking the next three months of sick leave (I have lots of sick leave accumulated). So you're not the only cranky one out there...our poor DH's...LOL! Soon enough this will all be just a distant memory. Hang in there! Have a great time at the baby show this weekend!!