March 29, 2011

26 Weeks Survey (with DE Addition - Thanks Lisa)

How far along: 26 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: + 19 lbs.

Maternity clothes: exclusively

Stretch marks: None! Thank you stretch mark cream!

Sleep: Off/On - I average 1 good night sleep out of 4 nights, so not awesome.

Movement: Lots of movement! Not really kicks but swooshing!

Cravings: Chocolate - specifically Snickers!

Aversions: Vegetables!

Gender: Little Miss!

Symptoms: TMI Alert! Constipation, heartburn (bad) and leaky tatas!

What I miss: The gym, my smaller bum, and being able to bend over with out aching! Must say though I love my new boobs! Good bye B cup!

What I look forward to: My Dad coming home to help us finish the hardwood floor, so we can get the nursery finished.  My mom finally coming home as well, for a good belly rub!  :)  (I know I'm a huge suck and I miss my parents terribly!  I'm not a fan of the new snowbird lifestyle!)

Moods: Even - Good with the not so good!  LOL!

Milestones: 28 weeks (better chance of viability, and first steroid shot)

Medical Concerns: low papp a results. Concern for baby being IUGR, and for me to have hypertension and pre-e. Biggest concern though is pre term labour.  Another series of tests today including my Glucose test!  Urrrgghhh!  C'mon let me pass these please!!?!?!

Weekly Wisdom: No wisdom this week... I'm too much of a rookie for wisdom! LOL!

Worst moment this week: None!  :)

Best moment this week: Saturday.  We finished getting the main level organized and flipping the rooms around.  It looks great and will work so much better with a baby!  Much more floor space in our new family room!

How do I feel about DE at 26 weeks?
Well...  It's still a mixed bag of emotions really.  There are times I catch myself and think I wonder if she'll have as much hair as I did when I was born, then I shake my head and think why would she, she has none of my genes.  So I tend to forget about DE and then when I remember it gives me a little pain in my heart.  And it's not a pain of regret, it's a pain because I feel like she is all mine and it pains me to think that she might hate me or not feel complete because of how she came to be. 

I feel so blessed to have had DE as an option.  And we did not enter into it lightly.  However my concern from the beginning has always been how are my children going to feel?  And what makes me more nervous is how some of our family feels that it should be a secret.  I guess because it is such a new concept to them, well even fertility treatments is a very new concept to all of them really. 

But it comes down to JD and I.  And we feel like we have been so blessed by our donor.  We feel like everything fell into place just as it should have.  And that this little girl has been waiting just for us.  And I think if we raise her as we plan to with love and honesty we should be okay! 


Brenda said...

Lovely post. I got (and still get) a few pangs of sadness when I think of what stress being a DE kid MAY cause my boys. But I want to tell them that they may not be related to me genetically, but boy, were they wanted!!!

Congrats on 26 weeks and here's to 12 to 14 more!!

Anonymous said...

Like the post!! I am on prescription Zantac for heartburn...major improvement! So look into it with your doc if you want. My DE feelings mirror yours...just worry that the baby will feel less connected to me later in life because he doesn't share my genes or looks and been my #1 concern since day 1. But they say its all in our heads so I must trust that our little ones will feel no different. But with lots of love and support we'll be able to get over anything is what i believe.

Michelle D said...

Yeah! Glad to hear things sound good for you :) I think every DE momma is going to worry about how their kid(s) may feel. But I agree with you and the other ladies...if we just love them and be honest they will come out okay. And amen Brenda...boy were they wanted! :)