February 3, 2011

New Friend on the Street!

My neighbours did have their baby on Jan 27.  7lb 7oz little boy named Antonio.  They only just got home on Tuesday this week as he had a bit of jaundice.  But mom and baby are doing well, exhausted but happy!  JD and I had bought them a little something for the happy occasion.  We saw the hubby out yesterday getting ready to snow clear so we ran over to drop it off and chat with him for a quick 5 minutes.  

Sure enough we were right it was a long struggle for them as well.  I knew it.  We were the only 2 houses on the street with out kids and we are both in our 30's with good jobs and houses made for kids.   I just had a feeling that they were struggling, as were we...  Now I don't think they went the IVF route but I don't really know.

We came out to him though that Antonio might have a playmate come July.  He was thrilled for us.  I admitted to him it had been a long time coming, that's when he said us too.  It took us a long time as well.  We are going to pop over there sometime in the next week or two and meet little Antonio, so I'm sure the Mrs. and I will probably have a better chat then. 

JD and I are trying to get ready for our baby moon.  We are leaving in 6 days for Arizona.  Okay so it's not really a baby moon per se, as we are going to visit my parents.  My mom and dad are snowbirds now and we promised them if they bought a place in Arizona rather than Florida that we would still visit them, so we are making the trip.  It actually couldn't be coming at a better time.  We both just need to get away.  And I miss my mom and dad something terrible.  I usually see them at least once a month, well I haven't seen them since we lost B.  So it's been 11 weeks.    My mom and I are planning some maternity shopping!  Yahh!  I love shopping! 

Anyway I will do a pregnancy update on Monday, and answer whether we are pink or blue team.  Please blogger friends just pray that there is still a heart beat and that Bebe is healthy!

Much Love!


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Have a GREAT time!!