February 4, 2011

Filter Free Friday!

I just stumbled across this in another blog and I thought 'What a wonderful idea!'  So if you have something that you normally wouldn't state out loud or that is a little risky feel free to let the words fly on Filter Free Friday!

My Filter Free Friday involves work...  I have just spent the last 1/2 hour trying to get my companies totally useless program to work so I could sell some items to a customer.  Instead of it being done properly I had to break down and do up a receipt on Word.  Are you f'in kidding me folks?!?!  We are a world wide company with one of the best rental programs on the market and yet for our smaller supplies that we sell we have a different completely useless piece of shit program that never works!  I can't for the life of me figure out what they are paying these techs for?!?! 

In my earlier years I worked for a campaign manager/fundraiser and one of my jobs was creating working databases that could run a whole host of programs.  I know it is not hard to program this thing to work and work well.  I mean we live in a technical society folks, I should not still be running off receipts on a dot matrix printer!  Arrrggghhh!!!

But alas we only own 2 locations so in the scheme of things we are little fish in a big pond and our complaints are heard by deaf ears.  There are so many memos we have done and meetings we have been to where we have provided them with money making changes (and I mean we are talking about and extra $40,000 revenue per month) that have never happened.  And these aren't one off ideas this is how we successfully stayed in business for 32 years prior to them joining our family.

Common sense seems to be a thing of the past.  It is not something that can be taught at business school, or that comes with Harvard education in Economics.  And I will tell you this if you do not have common sense when working in business you will not succeed.  It boggles my mind how, now a days the totally useless people seem to get ahead...  I just don't get it...

Okay so there is my rant for the day!  I normally would not discuss too much of my work on here but there you have it folks, today I will require a doughnut to bring my blood pressure down a notch as I seem to be surrounded by morons doing a half assed job!

Much Love!



LisainSK said...

LOL...my BP was up today too given the gong show in my office today...sheesh TGIF!!

Kevin Burns said...

Thanks for giving my Filter-Free Fridays idea and website a push.
Kevin Burns