January 28, 2011

Week 17 - 18 Survey

I've seen this survey on other pregnancy blogs and always thought I can't wait to do that!  I think it's a good way of documenting what has been happening week by week of this pregnancy.  So here it is folks my Week 17 survey!

How far along:   17 weeks and 6 days (my week actually changes on Sunday's)
Total weight gain/loss:  Up 7 lbs.
Maternity clothes:   Exclusively (except pajamas)
Stretch marks:    None (Thank God)
Sleep:   Lots of it and sleeping very well!
Movement:   Bits - I've never been pregnant before so I'm not 100% sure if it is movement or not yet...
Cravings:   Yes!  Food!
Aversions:   Crusts and Bananas 
Gender:   Unknown  (I think boy though)
Symptoms:   Tired, cranky, and hungry all the time
What I miss:  the gym - I really can't wait to be able to get back to it!
What I look forward to:  Next u/s Feb 7.  The big reveal on gender!  :)
Moods:  Tired, hungry and antsy.  There is so much to get done at the house before Bebe comes!
Milestones:  24 weeks (viability)
Medical Concerns:  Stupid SCH has me worried about pre term labour.  And of course all the other non rational thoughts that swim through my mind on a daily basis.
Weekly Wisdom:  Relax, it's okay if everything doesn't get done today.
Worst moment this week: Stupid Doppler!  The Dr. found the heartbeat 2 weeks ago, and even when he found it I was like "Oh that's it!"  So of course crazy me every time I try I can't find anything and I freak out.  I think we might send it back as it has caused more anxiety lately.
Best moment this week:  Watching my neighbours do the labour and delivery dash 2x.  LOL!  I think they got sent home to labour more and then sure enough that night at 7pm they were tearing out of the hood!  :)  It's their first as well and they are just a couple of years older than us.  We think they might have had a little trouble as well, as they are the only ones on the street that never asked us about kids.  Us infertiles we know better than to ask a loaded question like that!  LOL! 

Anyway this is my 17 week update.  I know it's boring, but I think I'm going to be very happy one day that I documented all the little things each week.  A belly picture is coming I promise.  I've promised JD that he can finally take a picture on Sunday.  Keep in mind folks I am really not photogenic, so it takes a lot for me to allow a picture to be taken!  LOL!  To all my blogger friends, I know I haven't commented lately, but I'm still battling this stupid bug.  I have been reading though on my I.Phone!  There are a lot of miracle pregnancies going on right now, it definitely is proving to be an exciting 2011.  If your still in the trenches have faith my friends, your miracle could very well be right around that corner!

Much Love!


*PS*  I'm very sorry if this format is all f'd up!  This took me 3 tries to post and every time it was screwing up the format!  Dang blogger!

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LisainSK said...

Cool! I never have come across the Week 17-18 survey before. Will borrow it for my blog in 2.5 weeks!